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Today I will be sharing with you guys the first circle lens review of 2014! It has been a while since I last did a circle lens review (Oct, 2013) and this time I’ll be reviewing Honeycolour’s Super Pinky Gray.
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Usage Modality: Yearly
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.8 mm
Water content: 45%
Package: 1 contact lens case included 
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Super Pinky Gray Ratings:
Comfort: ★★★★★
These were surprisingly super comfortable regardless the large diameter.

The colour of the lens is quite vivid in both real life and in photos. The design of the lens does create a slightly natural effect when worn but due to the vividness of the lens it will give a more dolly glass eye effect instead.

These lenses are 14.8mm in diameter, despite the large size they were quite comfortable and give a super cute dolly effect~

Price: ★★★★☆
These particular pair cost USD$25.90 on their website but I purchased these when they were on sale at USD$20.72, meaning if I wore these on a daily basis for a year I’d only be paying $0.40/day!!

Overall: ★★★★☆
Highly recommend this pair if you’re looking for a pair of gray lens that are more vibrant in colour and are able to give you both the enlargement and dolly-eye factor. It is also one of Honeycolor's best sellers too!!  
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One thing about the summer heat is that it makes me lazier by the minute~ It just makes me want to roll into bed with the fan on (since I'm usually home alone) and fall asleep. Well I'm off to get changed now to head out with mum for dinner and some Thursday night shopping as we want to find some gifts for my elder brother, Tim, as it's his birthday today!
Happy birthday bro!!
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  1. It looks so so so big on your eyes senachan ^^ love how the colors turns our with flash on :D thank you for the review <3

  2. ありがとう~Yeah I agree, it gives a crystalize dolly effect when you use flash :P
    Definitely give it a try next time :D

  3. So beautiful lenses! Your eyes are so cute and big with them doll ❤
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  4. You look so adorable! <3 I actually really love how vivid they are!
    I think the color looks really nice with flash on; I can imagine how pretty they'd look outside. *A*
    Thank you for the review! <3

  5. You're welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed the review :D


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