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I’ve wanted to touch on this topic for quite some time now, and I finally found the time to do so. The two most trendy and popular styles in Asian countries, which have also, reached foreign countries, are the Korean, Ulzzang and Japanese, Gyaru styles. Both styles have changed dramatically over the years, especially the gyaru style as it continuously evolves to the current trends. 
I feel like this is a perfect combi of gyaru & ulzzang, with the innocent makeup yet vibrant hair color.
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*Disclaimer: Just wanted to let you guys know that the comparisons of these two styles are just for fun and my personal opinion. Let me just state that I mean no harm towards either styles as I do love both styles as I frequently change my makeup and fashion depending on my mood.
Today I’ll simply compare the makeup, fashion, photo styles and the future. So lets begin!
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Ulzzang: The ulzzang style tends to be more natural and innocent where the main focus is their eye makeup. They also use circle lenses and false lashes that are more natural as they like to emphasize their eyes and leave their lips with a softer dolly appearance.

Gyaru: Their style in makeup can be wildly different depending on the different style. They like to use different coloured circle lenses besides the usual browns and black lenses. They also use more elaborate and obvious false lashes and bottom lashes are often used quite often to make the eyes look more round and dolly.
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Ulzzang: They tend to wear more versatile clothing’s which are simple and easy to mix and match on a daily basis. I love the use of loose sweaters or tops as it gives a more casual and comfortable feel. They tend to use more neutrals and softer pastel shades of clothing and the occasional use of dark clothing’s too. This applies to both male and female ulzzangs. 

Gyaru: Their trend is ever changing as trends come and go, but popular brands such as WC, EMODA, Liz Lisa, MA*RS are worn by many well-known bloggers. I feel that their fashion style tends to be more playful and over the top at times which I find quite fun to wear at photo shoots or events.
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Photo style
Ulzzang: I find that the current pictures of ulzzang tend to be mini photo shoot styles where they go around looking for pretty sets to take photos with the use of a good camera. I myself am always on the lookout for amazing sets to take photos at with friends for my blog and for fun too. They also enjoy taking full body shots.

Gyaru: Back in the days they would use their cell phone camera’s which had pretty high megapixels (as have a Japanese cell phone myself) and it’s super easy to take selfies/luvo’s. I liked how they spontaneously take photos of themselves pulling faces, despite having a bad hair day or with runny makeup on their blogs and they are a huge fan of taking close up photos of their faces or mirrored pictures.
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Ulzzang: I believe that the ulzzang style will continue the similar trends as they have now such as the pale flawless skin, simple eye makeup and ombre dolly lips, but I am curious as to how far the ulzzang style will evolve in the future.

Gyaru: Some believe that the gyaru style has started to disappear but this is not true as they have evolved to being less extreme with their makeup and style. Regardless, they style continues to stand out even if the more popular trends seems to be the ulzzang style due to the up rise of the Kpop world.
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So which style do you prefer? Or are you like me, who likes both side of each world?
I have done a gyaru-inspired makeup tutorial before so definitely check that out. I will also be doing an updated version of a gyaru-inspired makeup and ulzzang too. I shall keep you guys updated with both styles.  
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  1. I love both but ulzzang is easier and more realistic in makeup and fashion. I prefer gyaru selfies though because they don't take themselves seriously or try too hard to be cute.

  2. Agree~~ the ulzzang makeup can be much simpler and fashion, but some gayru brands have a more casual styles too such as W♥C. I have a few tops by them and wear them out casually too :D More girlier brands such as liz lisa may be a bit more fancier with the frills and lace but they do have some toned down ones to wear on a daily basis too :D
    Thanks for reading :)


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