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Good evening beautiful! I'm already cracking into this lazy bogging mode again, I guess it's cause of the Chinese New Year's events that have been keeping me busy and exhausted too. I'm also heading off on my two vacations with my friends and one is in just 2 days! So tonnes of packing needs to be done beforehand so I'm more prepared!!
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Today I will be sharing how to re-create a celebrity look which is supplied by The Australasian College BroadwayThe Australasian College Broadway was inspired by Kim Kardashian's who has natural glossy hair, gorgeous skin and beautiful eyes and here are a few tips to achieve Kim's classic look.
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Kim has a skin type that is fine textured, smooth and natural. She cleanses her skin each day using a water based cleanser which leaves her skin clean and soft. Always ensures you cleanses your skin before you sleep.
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Kim's flawless look is achieved with the finishing touch of bronzer as it tones the face, neck and chest in. Try contouring below the cheek bones with a foundation one shade darker or use a medium warm blush.
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Kim Kardashian hasn’t always had the perfect brows but in three easy steps, we can show you how to tackle those unruly eyebrows.  Don’t know where your eyebrows should start, arch and end? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!
Use a make up brush or ruler and hold it against the outside of your nostril straight up past the inner corner of your eye.  This is where your eyebrow should start.
Hold the ruler again from the outside of your nostril and straight past the middle of your eye.  Where the ruler hits your brow, this is where your eyebrow should arch.
One more time, hold the ruler against the outside of your nostril in line with the outside corner of your eye.  This is where your brow should end!
Kim's brows are always in regularly maintained and you can enhance the brow shape with a cool tone grey/brown pressed shadow applied with an angle brush and keep the brows a little thicker than usual.
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Invest in a good matte black shadow to create a beautiful smokey eye! Adjust depth of colour by blending or toning in another shade of colour.
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Invest in a set of individual lashes. Start applying on the outer end of the lash line and work your way in. Stop when you feel you have added enough drama (usually three to four individual lashes does the trick).

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Although I'm not a huge fan of Kim Kardashian, I do have to agree she does look quite gorgeous so why not try and re-create her classy look for this summer, upcoming events or parties. 
Much to start packing for! Super excited as I will be travelling both within Australia and then Internationally!!!
What are your tips when visiting another country~?
Been doing quite a bit of research today to get me ready and prepared for the adventure.
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