Review: SoLolita's Wine Red Ombre Wig

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Hello my fellow readers it has been almost 20 days since I last blogged and some of you may know it was because I was away for almost 2 weeks as I jetted off to Melbourne and Bali with friends, but I shall share my holiday updates with you guys another time. As for today I will be sharing with you guys my first wig review which is kindly sponsored by SoLolita. They offer various styles, colours and lengths so I had quite a hard time deciding which one to get. In the end I decided to get a two tone brown & burgundy wavy wig which is just over the shoulder. It arrived within a week making the shipping swift and easy.
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This wig was packed in a plastic zip-lock bag, as per usual as I’m use to ordering wigs, and comes with a complimentary wig cap too. The style of the wig looks exactly as it does on SoLolita’s website so no false advertisement there but the shade of colour is a probably one shade lighter in real life which isn’t a huge problem for me. Although, I did have to cut the bangs on my own as they didn’t come pre-styled except for the curls, which can be quite troublesome if you’re not sure how to cut wigs, (I would know, first time I tried to cut bangs for a wig took me 40 minutes!). 
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Beautiful shade!! -no filter whatsoever-
I super love the material of this wig as it is able to resist heat and is super soft which allows you to create many other styles too. The wig base comes with a back clasp which allows a firm and snuggly fit around your head and it ensures that the wig doesn’t slip and slide off throughout the day. 
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Punk Cute Red Wine Lolita Wig Ratings:

Quality: ★★★★★
The wig itself is quite soft which is why it looks quite natural in photos. It is also quite easy to comb through to get rid of tangles and knots that may occur and it is also heat resistant but in my case I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful curls that this wig already has.

Colour:  ★★★★★
I simply love the colour combination! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair burgundy/red wine but for now I should let my hair rest and enjoy the natural black/dark brown hair that it comes out as.

Price: ★★★☆
You can purchase this wig on at only US$54.99!! Although the price may seem higher than the prices on eBay the quality of the wig is what guarantee’s a satisfactory purchase!

Overall: ★★★★☆
When it comes to buying wigs I always choose quality over anything else because I enjoy wearing wigs when taking photos for my blog or during photography sessions and of course cosplaying! This is why even if the price is a bit pricier than usual I know for sure that I am getting a high quality wig and SoLolita is able to deliver the amazing quality of wigs to me! You can purchase this particular wig >HERE<
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Uni begins once again next week, meaning this week it's time to catch up with friends and head off to O-week! Shall be heading off to my uni's O-week tomorrow for the usual check up on textbook prices and checking out the old/new society clubs~  
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  1. i love it!


  2. Pretty pretty pretty! You can't tell it's wig ^^ love the color! And I nearly picked this wig too last month :D looks great on you sena!

  3. Thankyou misamisaa!!! The colour is what caught my attention which is why I picked this one up!! :D

  4. Naww thanks rach!! <3
    Let's catch up somtime yeh :D

  5. Such a lovely wig, looks so cute too!!!! Love the colours ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. the brown looks extremely natural!

  7. Yeah!! That's what I like about the brown~ it was one of the ash brown tones i've always wanted to dye my hair as~

  8. Yess! I want mine a shade lighter (Beige), but either way ash doesn't stick at all :'(

  9. Yeah, ash brown is really hard to have on dark hair for a long period of time as it eventually turns yellow or greyish ==" just the unattractive tones~

  10. Agree! The brown looks so natural and beautiful! I like it!


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