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This is my first time doing a wish list collection but here are a few things that I currently have on my wish list. Some may be very random items as I may actually need them or you know, just being plain weird. 
1. New Lingerie
Yes, I'm one of those girls who loves collecting and wearing cute or sexy lingerie, and no it's not because I want to show them off to anyone but rather it keeps me happy and feeling pretty on the inside too~ At times I can be quite picky and it is currently on my wish list well...I just need new bra's and panties~!
ICON: Double-Scoop Bear by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
2. New NIKE's
I need a pair of runners for when I hit the gym and I intend on doing the Nike Run here~ So currently have Nike runners on my wish listed! I found a coral coloured pair a while back, I'm hoping they still have them instock!
Rainbow in a Bottle by AcidKitty3
ghd Wonderland Deluxe Kit (includes styler and hairdryer)

3.ghd Wonderland Deluxe Kit

My current hair straightener is DYING! Like literally!! I can no longer use it the way it use to function and this baby caught my eye as it's one of their newest release and it also comes with a styling hair dryer too!
Blue Whale Free Avvie by Hinachuu
4. Pandora's Snowflake
I have never really been a fan of Pandora at all but my friends purchase a bangle for my birthday last year and I'm currently learning so much behind the brand and fell in love with their snowflake charm which came out during their Christmas 2013 season. I love it because I love winter and I'm also a winter baby! Perfect meaning behind the snowflake for me!
Heart Lock by angelishi
5. New PINK Lippie
I in need of a new lip product whether it be lip stick, gloss or tint! But it must be in a natural-baby pink shade!
Strawberry Choco Shortcake by MissLadyMinx
6. New Wallet
I've been using my Japanese Limited Edition Vivienne Westwood wallet for about 3 years now and it has started to get into the phase of retirement. So currently on a lookout for a new wallet and since it's impossible to seek out Vivienne Westwood styles here in Sydney I shall invest in maybe a Prada or MIUMIU wallet. 
DA icon - waffles+strawberries by piano-kun
Although it has only been 3 weeks since uni started I'm already in need of a holiday! Hopefully this year I will be able to save up and jet off to Japan or Hong Kong at the end of the year but until then my mid year Melbourne trip needs major planning now! 
Avatar - Sleepy Onigiri by firstfear
8. IN BED!
Last but not least and oddly enough, I just need to spend my weekends in bed!! So let's hope I get this wish this weekend where I can enjoy watching anime's, drama's, books whilst being surrounded by all my comforting snacking! Pizza, donuts, pasta, chips!!!Mmmm~ 
Hopefully I haven't scared you off with my behind-the-scene-of-blogging visualization of me being surround by my laptop, blanket, pillows and food!
Shamrock Divider by Gasara
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There are two Selfie Boxes featuring a Polaroid camera and beauty goodies up for grabs!!
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  1. Nice wishlist sweetie~ ^^
    Hihi, very cute lingerie!

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Hahaha indeed the picture of it is cute~ unfortunately not many of them available in Aust.

  3. Hahah great wishlist :) that pic of the nikes is just amazing <3

  4. Yehh~ really like those nikes~ but not sure if photoshopped to look like that~ Shall be shopping some nikes today after uni :P
    My cousin told me there was a pastel pink and blue that came in so wooo!!!

  5. Love the bra! Do you know what brand (and model) is it?

  6. Unfortunately I have no idea what brand or model the bra is either :(
    I'm hoping someone will know and comment to let us both know soon~ ><"


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