Review: Sololita Curl Punk Sakura Wig

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Good evening cuties! I'm trying my best to fit everything into a tight schedule but yay!!finally a review blog post going live!! Earlier this month I received another wig from SoLolita and once again it arrived swiftly to my front door yet I've been pushing the review back due to uni and work (yes, I do put the blame onto these two factors the most~).
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Worn without the pigtails!
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Quality: ★★★★★
The wig is quite easy to comb through to get rid of tangles and knots that may occur and it is also heat resistant. The length of this wig is about 80cm but it's best to let the wig sit for a while so the curls loosen up a bit otherwise it does look shorter~ 
You can also attach/detach the pigtails for either a fuller younger lolita look or a chic modern Kpop look.

Colour:  ★★★★★
The colours are vibrant, cute and girly! The combination of colours can create a punk yet girly lolita look or a Kpop-inspired look too!! A great this is you can mix and match the base wig and coloured pigtails for a unique look!

Price: ★★★☆
You can purchase this wig on at only US$47.99!! Although the price may seem higher than the prices on eBay the quality of the wig is what guarantee’s a satisfactory purchase!

Overall: ★★★★☆
When it comes to buying wigs I always choose quality over anything else because I enjoy wearing wigs when taking photos for my blog or during photography sessions and of course cosplaying! This is why even if the price is a bit pricier than usual I know for sure that I am getting a high quality wig and SoLolita is able to deliver the amazing quality of wigs to me! You can purchase this particular wig >HERE<
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The rainy Autumn weather started to kick in this week and now we are having endless rainy weather~Although the weather is quite gloomy I do enjoy listening to the rain fall while studying. On another note hopefully I will be able to get my MASSIVE giveaway up soon, maybe around the Easter break!! *CROSS FINGERS*
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  1. The wig is really cute, and you look great with it!

  2. kawaii!! ^_^

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  3. Kawaii!! ^_^

  4. Sena chan you're sooooo adorable with that wig the hairstyle suits you ^^ and I agree about the quality the hair quality is super fine I'm so impressed :D

  5. You look like a doll! *O*


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  6. Thanks michelle :D
    It was the reason why I chose this colour combi~

  7. ありがとう、リナコさん :)

  8. Thanks misa chan!!! :D

    Yeah super impressed with their wig quality ❤

  9. That wig looks so cute on you pretty..

  10. Omg I love that you are an Aussie beauty blogger that does korean/asian cosmetics! I have been searching for you! So lovely to meet someone else as I am still so nobody at blogging :( anyway the wigs look great on you and look like such good quality! I followed you on bloglovin xx

  11. Aussie bloggers unite!! (YERRR!!) Don't worry! people will come to appreciate your blog in the long run!! <3 I started off just blogging to myself and eventually people started to notice my blog which made my days an extra bit happier :D
    I've always wanted to go to Perth because my friend told me the beaches there are beautiful!!


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