Stay Slim with Slendier Drink Konjac

Munching on some chocolate~ & Yes i ate this piece afterwards :P
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Are you finding a way to control your odd snacking behaviors while trying to lose weight or staying slim, especially when Winter draws closer to those living in the southern hemisphere (me included). Find out how to keep in shape by replacing your snacks with this amazingly tasty substitute!
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Slendier is an optimal health brand that sells healthy and nutritious food products. The company, D’lite Food Pacific specialises in distributing low calorie dietary options including pasta, noodles, and rice made from Konjac – a low calorie root vegetable cultivated in Asia and used as a dietary supplement for weight management.
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Mmmm~ the mango + coconut smells so good!!
Slendier Drink, Konjac are high in dietary fibre for portion control, reduce snacking and assist in weight loss. It contains only 10-11 calories per sachet and are available in 3 exotic flavours – Acai + Blueberry, Mango + Coconut, Pomegranate + Aloe Vera. Each sachet makes one 200ml drink – simply mix contents of sachet with water. They cost about RRP$10.25 (7 sachets per pack) and are available from selected supermarkets across Australia and online. For further information please visit the following link:
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Super affordable!!
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Good afternoon cuties! Hope your weekend so far has been well and been enjoying it, I know I have!!  Well it's time for me to catch up on my studies since my internet was down for the whole day and so I headed out for a gym session then dinner with friends, since mum cancelled on me last minute! 
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Love my "Little Miss Princess" mug <3
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