TRAVEL: Off to Melbourne - Day 1

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Finally getting my travel blog entries up telling about my adventures but mostly just showing you guy’s photos and the fun I had while I was away from my blog. 
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Stella, myself, James, Fiona, Jodie & Max (whom is taking the photo)
First stop I headed off to Melbourne with 5 of my friends where our flight was changed from a 10:30am flight with Jet Star to an earlier flight with Qantas at 10am but we didn’t take flight till 10:30am so it was about the same but with an upgrade! 
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Upgraded from Jetstar to Qantas
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Flight seat buddy, MAX!
So we reached Melbourne around 12 noon and we called our host that we were heading over to the penthouse that we rented out but we received news that we were no longer able to stay there as there was a flooding issue due to the previous attendees who were staying there before us so our host offered us his biggest penthouse room but with a small catch that an event was happening on the Saturday from 3pm till 9pm.We were all fine with that as we didn’t plan on sticking indoors during this trip anyways so we said OKAY and went to find the queue to get a maxi cab but nekminit! WHAT QUEUE! The people just told us to hop into the maxi cab that was already there waiting and with this we headed off to our new penthouse location.
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Our Penthouse
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The living area
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The kitchen
One of the rooms~
Once we settled into the place, unpacked a few things and went and claimed the bedrooms we headed off for a late lunch as we were all starving! We walked along Chapel St. and decided to head into the café called DUKES, which happened to be the best café around town, South Yarra (WHAT LUCK WE’VE BEEN HAVING!!). Since we were a big group of 6 there wasn’t a big enough table at the time so we just split onto two tables.
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double-filtered french press over ice & ice latte
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avocado hummus toast, poached eggs, honey candied bacon and dukkah
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haloumi panini, beetroot, chipotle mayo, tomato, spinach, kalamata olives
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fish finger sandwich on brioche with local rockling, alfalfa, tartare sasuce and lemon
We started with drinks where we ordered their iced double filter coffee, iced latte and ice chocolate. As for food we got their avocado hummus toast, fish finger sandwich and haloumi Panini. My favorite was definitely the haloumi as the chipotle mayo fulfilled my crave for something a bit spicy. After lunch we did a bit of grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner and the following days of breakfast then we all headed back to the penthouse and took the rest of the day off as we were all exhausted since the flight change and all. 
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What an amazing sunset!
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Pasta cooked by Jodie & Stella!
Everyone took a nap until evening and dinner was made by our lovely chefs of the night Jodie and Stella, where they made pasta! After that fulfilling meal I took a run with the boys to the oval which was about a 15 minute run there and boy did my stomach die because I got a stitch! Once we got back home, I took a quick shower and jumped into bed, although I didn’t have the best sleep that night due to the humid and heated room. 
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First day in Melbourne was so much fun as we packed quite a bit into half a day. I miss the food and coffee in Melbourne!! Already planning my next trip there with another friend!
Anyways now that uni has begun, I should be able to post on a regular weekly basis. 
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  1. Wow, so many lovely photos! You look great ^^

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  2. Melbourne is a great place to be ^_^ I felt that there was a lot of suburbia culture in the heart of cbd. I'd like to see tasmania and NT one day!

  3. Agree!!!! Love Melbourne and all the great coffee and food there!!! Definitely going to go again, hopefully mid year break~ Me too!! I want to go to Tasmania one day too!! and I definitely want to go to Cairns, since I want to see the great barrier reef in person!!


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