Upon Darkness | Su Oscurità

Yesterday I came back home from lunch earlier than expected so I decided not to waste the beautiful sunny weather and took some photo's instead. Halfway through the clouds started to gather as if there was a storm coming which I suppose does match the dark theme I was going after~lol!
New Vocaloid Mayu by KyouKaraa
The photography, makeup, styling and editing are all done by me and it takes me quite a while to capture the right feeling and deciding what filtering to use. I didn’t use any photoshopping to alter my face but rather just adding filters to create the atmosphere. Hopefully I shall learn how to use PS soon so that I can create even better photography's for you guys to feast your eyes on! Keep an eye out for it~
Fashion of the day「150314」
Forever New-Headpiece 
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  1. Loving the look and location!! For some reason, I imagined it inverted in my mind: white Lolita against a cherry blossom in the winter background~
    still very beautiful~!

  2. Lovely, the dress is beautiful and your make up is perfect ^^

    恵美より ♥


  3. Hahahah! I was wondering who was this Geedragon person was! Hahahha!! hey hey hey gee!! Let's wear matching dress yeh!! :3

  4. Wow, these photos are awesome! You look so pretty and gorgerous! Beautiful dress~ ^o^

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  5. It ain't easy capturing that moment. I know how you feel! But WOW hard work comes with rewards and boy your styling, make up and photography is FANTASTIC ! :D HEART!

  6. Thank you!!!! Indeed!! Just timing when to throw the dress to capture the movement is indeed hard :/ especially when you do everything by yourself~!! ><"
    But I was extremely happy with the results as I managed to capture some pretty good shots!! :D

  7. love this outfit. you look like a gothic princess ^_^ so mysterious!

  8. Thanks Angel! :D
    I had thought to name this look the gothic princess but in the end i just went with upon darkness instead~ Thanks for dropping by again <3


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