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Earlier last month I received a parcel from Wantable, which is a monthly subscription in discovering the latest trends in beauty and fashion by creating a unique profile to suit each customer’s personal taste. 
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Each month you can choose between three categories, makeup, accessories and intimates, which are all hand-picked and full sized products, unique, specialty and premium brands. You only pay $36/month or buy a single box for $40 and you can cancel or skip the month at any time.
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As for me you can see I decided to choose the accessories box, reason being, I just have too much makeup lying around that I don't want to waste even more products. At least this way I can wear the accessories whenever I desire. 
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I simply love the colourful scarf which will come in handy during the winter by keeping both my neck warm and giving a pop of colour to my outfits. The earring may look quite heavy to have on the ears but it's quite the opposite and necklace has such intricate details which makes it beautiful to wear even on a casual day. From memory the scarf was valued at $42, necklace $23 and earrings around the same price of $16, this means you save at least half the amount of the totaled value! Start your subscription now by clicking "HERE"
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Romwe's versatile and fashionable "COCO MADE ME DO IT" shirt is on sale at ONLY $9.99, for the next 24 hours! I just placed my order in so get your's now by clicking either on the poster or the link underneath it. 
Romwe $9.99 Letters Print Black T-shirt on 13th March only, Free Shipping!
Woke up early this morning to wish my dad a safe flight back to Hong Kong, especially after the missing plane incident and all.
Anyways I'm going to get ready for uni on this gloomy looking day! 
Did you buy a COCO shirt like I did? 
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  1. You got really beautiful accessories dear! ^^ You look so pretty~

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  2. Thanks Rinako~~~ :D
    The accessories are indeed beautiful!!
    Super loving the scarf and the bright colours!

  3. ooh i really like it!!




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