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Remember my earlier post of day 2 in Melbourne, well we went to a place called Purple Peanut for lunch, which is a Japanese cafe located in the city of Melbourne on Collins St.

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We were pretty exhausted and hungry after our shopping spree at DFO earlier and so we individually ordered some food. We checked out the dessert stuff which was conveniently located right near the entrance and so Max picked up their green tea chocolate bar.
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The green tea chocolate bar was super delicious!! It wasn't the extremely sweet kind of flavored chocolate but it kept the original bitterness of the green tea taste! Really loved munching on these and regretted not stocking up on some! 
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It was 40 degree that day and Jodie decided to get the Green tea & Red bean frappe and once again was it refreshing!! I managed to take a sip and boy did I love it!! Packed with that bitter green tea flavor once again!
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Fiona ordered the salmon salad and it came with pickled radish too! Now Fiona hates eating them so she picked them all out while the rest of us just ate them up for her! Such a refreshing salad 
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Finally, moving onto my order from Purple Peanut, I got their Cold Chicken Soba set and boy was it refreshing and filling. Really enjoyed this with the accompanying sesame sauce. I also had a mini salad on the side with it and it also came with pickled radishes too! 
I shall be posting the rest of my Melbourne trip up here soon along with the individual reviews of places I went and ate at~ Anyways I found a pup that I'm interested in and pricing is not too bad! Shall be meeting the pup's on Friday but let's hope they don't get sold out by the time I arrive. *CROSSES FINGERS*
Also to all my lovely Australian Readers tomorrow is Vogue Online Shopping Night ( #VOSN) meaning it's time to shop! Head to the website now to see which stores are participating this year!! I have a few things I have my eye's on for winter, what about you?!
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✧๑KOBE JONES | Sydney Japanese Fine Dining๑✧

"Kobe Jones’s food is designed to bring the simplicity and beauty of Japanese cooking and meld it with nuances and surprising flavours of the west".
*heavy picture post*
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Two weeks ago I went to one of my friend's, Terry's, belated birthday dinner at Kobe Jones. I've been wanting to try this place out since high school and finally the day has come. It was a cool night and we met up with everyone at Wynyard station before heading down towards King Street Wharf.

"Kobe Jones Sydney was awarded 1 Hat and The Rocks Teppanyaki 2 Hats under the rating scheme"."...two of only 300 restaurants to be listed in the G&M Guide".
Once we arrived we were greeted at the door then shown to our seat, of course us girls seeing the beautiful ocean view we snapped pictures as the sun was setting and the combination of the city lights was a beautiful sight. We took some photo's before we looked at the menu and I managed to grab a photo of the guy who help took our group photo!
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We took our seats and looked through the menu but of course our host, the birthday boy Terry, would make the final decision as he was shouting dinner. He ordered the Kobe Jones Luxury Banquet menu which was a 13 course dinner set. I felt so bad so I text the group if they would want to get a bottle of sparkling wine for him and we did.
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First dish of the night, Number One Special which is there crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and nori, baked with their secret sauce, topped with bittersweet soy glaze, and smelt roe. This had a beautiful combination of flavors and texture as it just melt in my mouth and I didn't use any soy sauce because it was already drenched in a creamy sauce.
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Seafood Poke, was our next dish to lighten our appetite. It is a Hawaiian style sashimi cubes marinated in poke sauce and it was a delight to eat. The fresh fish and wakame seaweed really complimented one another.

Another light dish was their Hawaiian Roll which contained prawn, cucumber, burdock root and pineapple chilli jam, topped with tuna and avocado, drizzled with poke sauce and a bittersweet soy glaze. It was just your average sushi roll but with a bit more of a unique texture and flavor to it.

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The Wagyu Tenderloin Tataki which was seared and chilled, served rare with garlic, ginger and ponzu sauce, tasted wonderful as I enjoyed mine with the accompanying onion shreds.
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Now moving onto a dish packed full of rich flavors the Volcano Roll, oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll, with their special cream sauce, sesame seed and shallot sprinkle. I did enjoy this dish but the flavors got too intense for me due to the rich creaminess of the sauce so I only managed to have 2-3 bites before I gave up. (Not even half way and I starting to get full!)

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On the other hand their Crab Croquette, a lightly panko fried morsels with a creamy crab, cheese and potato centre, served with chilli mayonnaise and tonkastu sauce, didn't have that heavy taste so I thoroughly enjoyed eating the croquette!!
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Another fried dish we had was their Panko Soft Shell Crab, imported from Japan, this sweet soft shell crab is lightly deep fried and served with teriyaki potatoes and their own sweet chilli sauce. This was quite average so nothing to say much about it and by this time I was getting quite full!

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Next up we got their Chicken Karaage, marinated chicken coated in seasoned potato flour, shallow fried, served with teriyaki sauce and chilli mayonnaise. The chicken pieces were incredibly juicy and hot!! I wasn't thinking and just shoved a whole piece into my mouth and the hot flavors burst into my mouth, but it was totally worth it! After this dish I was 100% that I coudn't stuff anymore food down so I decided I'll only take a bite for the rest of the dishes..but!

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Then came the Sweet Chili Motoyaki Crab, which are giant legs of alaskan crab that are steamed then baked with sweet chilli motoyaki sauce and served with fresh lime.The flavors were absolutely amazing and opened my appetite once more. The meat was incredibly sweet and delicious I was the second one to finish it. (First to finish was Ardi!)
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After enjoying our succulent crab leg we were then served up with their Kobe Jones’s red and white miso soup and our last main, Wagyu Hot Rock, self cook your wagyu just the way you like it, served with seasoning and two dipping sauces. We over cooked our meat so the meat wasn't as tender as it would have been originally.

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After finishing off our dishes we then had a few minutes to sit and digest our food before dessert was served but we didn't have just one but two desserts!
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First dessert that came out the kitchen was their Chocolate Trio, chocolate melting cakes served with three different sauces, vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream and raspberry sorbet but we had to replace two servings of this dessert because one of our friends was allergic to chocolate and the other can't handle sweet dishes. (They got green tea icecream instead). The chocolate cake was really smooth and rich in a chocolate flavor which my mum would simple love, because she's a chocoholic!

The second dessert we got was the Flaming Anko, green tea crème brulee with red bean served flaming to the table for a caramelised finish. I was able to snap photo's as the flame was still burning and the top was beautifully caramelised. I took a bite and everything just melted into my mouth, as it was fluffy and soft accompanied by the texture and flavor of red beans. It was beautifully made, I have no other comments for it.

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Now that I've finished talking about all the dishes I had that night, my favorite would definitely have to be the Sweet Chili Motoyaki Crab and Chocolate Trio. I couldn't ask for anything more now that I've can finally cross this place off my bucket list! (Maybe I should type up my bucket list so I can add a few more places that you guys mention too!!). Once again thanks Terry for inviting me to enjoy such an amazing meal!! Later that evening we surprised him with a birthday cake at his place before we decided to watch Shutter (Thai version) which I fell asleep through because I was super exhausted that day.
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Super loved this crab leg!!
Kobe Jones Teppanyaki - The Rocks
29 Lime St, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm, 
Dinner: 6pm - 11pm
Ph: (02) 9299 5290
I've been eating out pretty much everyday since the Easter break for all three meals which has been so bad on my health but I shall get back to my old routines of fitness and healthier eating tomorrow as uni starts again!!
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