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After my morning shift, at Warringah Mall, I went and had lunch since I was super hungry and plus another reason was because I had found a super cute vintage-y French themed cafe last week as I was buying boxes of strawberries for $1 each!!
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The cafe was called Coco Noir (meaning black coco) where the interior of the cafe reflects a vintage, classy yet modern atmosphere, very popular among the ladies. 
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Last Friday I started off my order with a regular mocha. You could smell the roasted coffee beans as you bring the cup towards yourself but the taste of the roasted coffee is blended well with the chocolate making it a delight to drink.

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My main meal for that afternoon was their chicken and mushroom filo where the sizing was perfect for myself. There was generous amount of chicken and mushroom inside and the texture was lovely as there was a mixture of meat, mushroom and their stuffing? with a strong taste of chicken. 
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Today I decided to go for their hot chocolate. It had a much more milky taste to it and I think they use chocolate sauce or syrup as it has that more sweeter taste to it. I'm not a huge fan of that particular sweetness so I would definitely prefer their mocha.
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My main meal of today was their cajun chicken filo. Once again the filo was consistent and there was generous amounts of chicken but much more playful  with flavor. As usual I added tomato sauce to my filo for that extra tickle in taste. 
It's been a while since I've shown my face on my blog and instagram~
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Before I left the shop I couldn't resist but to purchase a few of their macarons sitting on the shelves. I also gave a few away as I met up with my friends afterwards. I purchased the following flavors:
Nutella- thought it would be amazing but I was wrong as it wasn't at all that chocolately nor unique~

Strawberry- I loved the fruity yet creamy taste!! My favorite flavor from the lot!
Salted Praline- unfortunately I gave this one away to my friend so I wasn't able to grab a nibble~
French Vanilla- just your ordinary vanilla-tasting macaron~
Popcorn- BEWARE! There are actual hard corn bits in here!I bit into one and it wasn't a great surprise for me. As for the macaron itself had a slight buttery popcorn taste but wasn't very strong. 
Lychee- Quite fruity I must say!
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All the pretty colours~
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Today, work was quiet and there wasn't much we could really do so I got creative and started on my first creation design on bracelet for display. I guess if you haven't followed me on INSTAGRAM you will probably have no idea what I'm talking about~
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