Does your phone have a Guardian angel??

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Have you been looking for a phone screen protector which is able to deliver you crystal clear screen, anti-shatter and anti-scratch which isn't made from those filmsy plastic??
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Saviour Glass is to the rescue! This glass screen is easy to apply onto the phone and gives it maximum protection. These features include anti-shatter, anti-scratch, excellent touch sensitivity, advance silicone adhesion for easy installation, rounded edges to prevent chipping and compatible with most cases. 
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 You will get the following items in your Saviour Glass kit which includes the alcohol prep pad, glass screen, microfiber cleaning cloth and two button stickers (for iPhone). 
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Although I don't use an iPhone I tested this screen protector on my mum's iphone and so far she's loving it! Everything is very crisp clear and she doesn't need to push any air bubbles that may form up for normal plastic screen protectors. 
Anyways I need to get ready for the cruise and party with friends tonight. Really looking forward to it because it's been a really long time since I last had a fun night with friends, music and dancing (even if I am sick at the moment). Shall talk to you again soon my lovelies!!
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