Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop | TRAVEL Melbourne Day 2

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VLOG DAY 2 & bits of Day 3
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Sorry that I haven't updated my Melbourne trip in a while but I'm back with it!
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After settling in the first night in Melbourne  we woke up quite early the next morning and Stella made omelette with mushroom, corn beef and shallots. 
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After lunch we headed out but before we did so we went and bought our myki card which is needed to ride the tram. This card is pretty much the equivalent to the Hong Kong Octopus card or Sydney's Opal card. Very convenient. With this card we took the next tram towards Melbourne's DFO (got off at the Crown Casino stop~ 
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From here it was pretty much 3 hours of shopping non-stop, but it seemed as if we didn't spend much time there since me and Stella only managed to walk half the round on the first floor only! So sad~ But I managed to buy new Tony Bianco studded sandals, ALDO backpack (which I needed for Bali!), Top from Dotti and and All about Eve shirt dress. 
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Really wanted these Dr. Martens but they didn't have my size!
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Shoe shopping is tiring!
After hours of shopping we headed back to Melbourne CBD and popped by a Japanese cafe called Purple Peanut, as it was one my friends' thing to tick off on her foodie list ( a more detailed blog entry will be made soon!).  
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everyone grabbing food after a tiring shopping day!
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Fiona & I 
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The architecture in Melb. is so pretty!
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Girls still doing a bit more shopping~
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Time to go home guys!
Once we got home we all took a shower and got prettied up for our first night out to the clubs here in Melbourne. We headed off to Alumbra and boy was the bar amazing! Had a massive Buddha head in the centre and it was a well night spent with friends.
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Me, Jodie, Fiona
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Max & James
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Stella & James
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Not in the best shape this morning regarding to my health. Throat is no longer sore but still got the sniffles and a slight headache. Shall not be going to work today and take this day off for lots of rest and any uni work I may need to catch up on....and maybe some more blogging stuff because I miss telling you guys stuff~ tehehe
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  1. Melbourne is great city! *O*
    You look so beautiful dear!

    ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤


  2. I've been back from Bali for about 2 months now~~ It was an amazing trip there~ I left twos days after I came back from my Melb. trip so it's an overdue blog post hahah~ :P

  3. Melb. is amazing~ I LOVE MELB! Love all the coffee and food there~~~
    Thanks sweetie!


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