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Last Sunday, 13th April, fashion blogger & dear lionbro, TonyLion invited me to go to watch the Mercedes-Benz Weekend Edition Sydney Fashion Show located at Carriageworks Bay. We watched the last session of the day at 5pm but met up a tad earlier to grab some food beforehand.
(Thank goodness it stopped raining for the rest of the day!)
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It’s my second time going to a fashion show; the last one I went to was back in year 2010 during my high school years as my friends had extra tickets that they could give away back then.  
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This year’s S/S14 season tends to have a lot of white, black and prints involved. The cuttings are more edgy or sharper than usual. Here’s a list of the designers that were displayed on the catwalk that day: 
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Pheonix Keating                    Macgraw
Leroy Nguyen                       Haley Elsawsser
Duvenage                           Zhivago
We Are Handsome                    Talulah
Emma Mlilholand                    Suboo
alice McCall                       Cameo the label
Michael lo sordo                   by johnny
bec & bridge                       AJE.
Serpent of the Swan                IXIAH
ae’lkemi.                          Betty Tran
Aurelio Costarella                 Jayson Brunson
Alex Perry                         Carla Zampatti
Bianca Spender                     Haryono Setiadi
Ginger/Smart                       Dion Lee [II]
Romance was Born
SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara
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Here's a few snaps that I personally took while I was watching the show. We also got free goodie bags which came with hairsprays, Mercedes-Benz usb and more!! 
 (Pheonix Keating-Hallow by Emoji-kun)
 (Cameo the label)
 (by johnny.)
 (BETTY TRAN- what a beautiful and unique design)
 (BETTY TRAN-let's all be princesses~)
 (AURELIO COSTARELLA- one of my favorite shots I took!)
 (Alex Perry-super cute and casual!- w - 2 by Emoji-kun)
 (Alex Perryo 3 o by Emoji-kun)
 (carla zampatti- blush blush by Emoji-kun)
 (Romance Was Born)
I took a few more snaps with my friends before we all headed into different directions. As for me I was starving so I found my friend who was still in the city for burgers at Grill'd! It was very satisfying!!
gyah by Emoji-kun
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(One last look at the place!)
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Miss Sennnaa, TonyLion & his two friends!
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Ending with a selfie (which came out blurred, BOO!) that I took before the show started~
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