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Remember my earlier post of day 2 in Melbourne, well we went to a place called Purple Peanut for lunch, which is a Japanese cafe located in the city of Melbourne on Collins St.

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We were pretty exhausted and hungry after our shopping spree at DFO earlier and so we individually ordered some food. We checked out the dessert stuff which was conveniently located right near the entrance and so Max picked up their green tea chocolate bar.
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The green tea chocolate bar was super delicious!! It wasn't the extremely sweet kind of flavored chocolate but it kept the original bitterness of the green tea taste! Really loved munching on these and regretted not stocking up on some! 
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It was 40 degree that day and Jodie decided to get the Green tea & Red bean frappe and once again was it refreshing!! I managed to take a sip and boy did I love it!! Packed with that bitter green tea flavor once again!
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Fiona ordered the salmon salad and it came with pickled radish too! Now Fiona hates eating them so she picked them all out while the rest of us just ate them up for her! Such a refreshing salad 
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Finally, moving onto my order from Purple Peanut, I got their Cold Chicken Soba set and boy was it refreshing and filling. Really enjoyed this with the accompanying sesame sauce. I also had a mini salad on the side with it and it also came with pickled radishes too! 
I shall be posting the rest of my Melbourne trip up here soon along with the individual reviews of places I went and ate at~ Anyways I found a pup that I'm interested in and pricing is not too bad! Shall be meeting the pup's on Friday but let's hope they don't get sold out by the time I arrive. *CROSSES FINGERS*
Also to all my lovely Australian Readers tomorrow is Vogue Online Shopping Night ( #VOSN) meaning it's time to shop! Head to the website now to see which stores are participating this year!! I have a few things I have my eye's on for winter, what about you?!
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