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Day 4 was the second last day of our Melbourne trip and it was pretty much our chill day as we were all too exhausted from last night (moving locations). Watch the video below to see what we get up too but most of it will be about food!
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Once we all woke up that day, we went to China Bar which is located at the end of Chinatown (from memory) where we had an all you can eat buffet.
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 It was nicely decorated at the entrance and guess what! You get to eat free if you go on your birthday! How amazing is that!!
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 Just a few food waiting to be eaten by us!
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 How could we ever resist chocolate fondue~ 
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 As for me I got a few things to eat but my favorite was the chinese soups they had because I had a sore husky manly voice that morning so soup definitely helped that day!
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 After having a lovely brunch we started walking around the busy street and there was a festival going on Lonsdale St! 
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 There was music, food and heaps of people~ Walking around we eventually found Daiso so we decided to take a look and boy is it much bigger than Sydney's Daiso! We bought some origami paper so we could make origami on the plane ride home the next day~
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 We also stopped by a pet shop and there were two little kittens playing around! Their paws were super soft!!! After playing with the kittens for a bit we continued shopping around~
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 Then it was time for another tea break so we went towards Chinatown and went to this dessert place that Fiona recommended! After dessert we decided to head back to our hotel to rest up and get ready for dinner then went out to go bar hopping but since it was a Sunday there wasn't much that was open unfortunately! But we managed to find a bar called Double Happiness that was open and we enjoyed our peaceful night there then headed back to our room after a few drinks. 
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Hello~~Been super busy this week as I have 3 things due! But now 2/3 has been due and the last one this week is due tomorrow! The japanese speech which my group and I are preparing! 
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On another note! Going through my hard drive and memory cards I can't seem to find my Bali VLOG's! Which is really saddening! Hope they turn up soon so I can show you guys my adventures as my photo's won't do as much justice...otherwise I'm sorry guys you'll have to live looking at photo's instead!
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