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Our last day in Melbourne!! This day was filled with food, glorious food and last minute shopping I suppose. 
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 First thing first we checked out of our hotel rooms and left all our baggage there before heading out again for food and last minute shopping before our night flight home.
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 First stop we decided to go for breakfast because we were all starving after packing and what not. So we decided to have brunch nearby at Pho & Co. Max and I shared our pho and pork pullers! Both were super yummy!! 
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 After pho we were had a sweet tooth so we went to find dessert and popped by this cake cafe were they also had macaron's too! We got a few macarons and two cakes to share amongst us.
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 We then took the tram to Parliament and saw the Parliament house there! It was quite big!! We then stooped by a cute little vintage looking shop that specifically sold macaron! So i bought 8 to bring back home for my friends and family!
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They were super colourful, cute and delicious too!! Even the boxes were super cute! I was given the valentines pink box, since Valentines day was just around the corner the time I went. While waiting for the other girls to purchase their macaron's I took advantage of the good lightening in the shop to take luvo's! 
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 After everyone had finish purchasing their macaron's we then walked down the road and we went into KOKO Black since Jodie wanted to buy some chocolate souvenirs there! We decided to take a quick tea break there and each got our own cuppa chocolate drink and the staff were super nice they were giving us samples of their delicious chocolates! Had so much that I didn't want to leave the shop and continue eating the chocolates!
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 After finishing off our chocolate drink and some more shopping it was time to meet up with the boys for dinner. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and we ordered a super early dinner before we boarded the flight back home! As for me I got the chicken and avocado pasta! Super delicious and flavors were amazing! Max and James ordered the huge meat platter! They said it was really good and they liked how the meats were on top of a thick layer of rocket leaves which made their meal slightly more lighter!
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 After dinner we headed back to the hotel and got our baggage and caught the cab to the airport. It was a super fun and enjoyable trip for me as it was the first time travelling with just friends but my fun didn't stop at Melbourne as the following two days I jetted off to Bali with another friend which I shall get into more detail in another blog post!!
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