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Hey hey hey! It's been about half a month since I last posted and I apologize for that, I've just been super busy with uni and work due to the mother's day craze and all so to make up for it the first picture is of me and MOCHI! whom I was looking after for a week.
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& YES! as we get closer to the middle of the year we start to spend for our mid-year sales and Romwe is having a massive summer sale with up to more than 200 pieces up for grabs starting at US$6.99!! You better start shopping for the pieces you want now as stocks are limited!! I've already chosen a few pieces already so what are you guys waiting for!! Stock up now!!
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I've been quite busy as you can tell with my absent from my blog and instagram (well that's because I had no 3G data left so was leeching off wifi around uni and at work~) 
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But now that things are starting to go as planned (like getting my essays done on time) I finally have the time to do a quick and short blog entry! I promise I'll have a circle lens review up soon which I'm really looking forward to trying out!
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I also managed to have a breather last night by going out to watch The Lion King musical and must I saw it was good, although we did miss the opening which was a bummer and watching it from the TV screen just wasn't the same. But I do have to say I actually liked Wicked better and it's coming back again this year so I may go watch it again!! Wooo! Anyways it's time for me to head to bed as I still have quite a bit left to do before the semester break (which I can't wait for!!)
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One more picture of me and mr.mochi!
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