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Captured by the photographer of the night!
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This post is a tad late but just before the Easter break I was invited to attend a VIP Launch at the New Hampton Bar located in Kings Cross. I, of course invited fashion blogger TonyLion, my childhood friend Steph and my mum (as she wanted a night of glamour!)
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"Our intention with this venue from the beginning was to bring ‘The Rocks to The Cross’. We love the old Sydney feel of The Rocks, with its cobbled lanes and rich culture, and we wanted to bring that atmosphere into The Cross, which is traditionally known for being a bit more 'dark and dingy'", says owner, Kieran Coleman. 

Kieran Coleman giving his speech
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Ben Palmer the head chef at work!!
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There was live music, delicious cocktails and French-inspired eats from the head chef Ben Palmer. I for one couldn't wait to try out their signature cocktails that they had on the menu and their bite-size eats!
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For starters I tried their Lychee Rose cocktail which is their number 1 signature cocktail and no wonder it's their number 1. It had a very beautiful blend of lychee and rose yet the alcohol taste was still present but not too strong for us girls. They garnished a real lychee fruit and a rose petal floating on the top, such a beautifully decorated cocktail will make all the ladies lining up for this drink. 
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We then started to see the canapés going around and being slightly on the hungry side we couldn't resist and went and tried as many of the canapés we could possibly find that night! There were a total of 15 types of canapés that night which included dessert and dishes from their actual menu and they all sounded incredibly delicious.
Round 2 of drinks!
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Although we weren't able to try all the canapés that night I do look forward to coming here for lunch or dinner with my friends once I get my final exam done with later this month, so I can get into more detail on the flavors of each dish! Regardless, the canapés that night were super duper and I wish I could have stuffed my face with more!! Now enough chitchat from me and here's more photo's from that night!
Me and my amazing childhood friend Steph
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Mummy & I
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Even my mum loves my bestie!
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My favorite LEO'S!(we're all the same star sign!)
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[4th June 2014, Wednesday]
This morning I slept in a bit as I didn't have uni today. Eventually got out of bed went and got freshened up then FOOD! As for now just getting some blogging stuff lined up and then starting on my studies for my final exam in the next two weeks!
On another note this autumn has been extremely warm and now that it's officially winter I wonder if this years' winter will be warm too? HMM!!!
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  1. omg everything looks so yummy!!! *o* and that alcove in the photo near the top (4th photo in the post) looks like a heart right right~~~??

  2. Hahahah it does doesn't it!!
    When I was looking through the photo's I was like..." looks like a heart!!"
    Thanks for reading :D

  3. Rinako グレーJune 5, 2014 at 1:39 AM

    Wow, you look fantastic! Love your elegant look! **

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  4. Thanks so much Rinako!! :D
    Got my outfit during last years Xmas sale and also got it in a blue too!! hahaha!


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