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I have to be honest that I haven't been taking care of my skin as much due to the busy schedule or work and exam period but now that my days are starting to clear up a bit I now have the time to pamper my skin! 
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What better way than to start off with a deep cleanse to get rid of my excessive sebum, dead skin and the build up of black heads (NO!!!!!!). I decided to try Banila Co.'s Clay Patra Mineral Salt Clay Pack. Banila Co is a South Korean cosmetic brand owned and created (2005) by F&F and you are able to purchase their products from online websites. I purchased mine at AUD$20.20 from Sasa.com
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This baby is meant to create clean skin by cleansing away the excessive sebum and removing dead skin cells without stripping away the moisture from our delicate skin. Instead it gives us softer and smoother skin. So let's put this clay mask to work! 
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The texture of the clay mask is quite grainy yet is easily applied to the skin and it doesn't have an overwhelming aroma. 
It contains the following ingredients: shea butter, macadamia seed oil, trehalose, honey extract, edelweiss extract, calendula flower extract and chamomile flower extract. You will definitely need a generous amount to cover the entire face and neck if you want. From there it's time to chill for about 10 minutes or until dry then rinse it off with warm water.

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As for the results....I am very impressed! I love how this clay mask strips away sebum and dead skin cells and also reduces the size of my pores! My skin doesn't feel dry whatsoever and I love how soft, smooth and glowy my skin looks after using it! I highly recommend this mask as it does say it's for all skin types but to those with sensitive skin, definitely try this mask on a small area of your face to test it out just to be sure.Overall: 
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Today I went out to have a farewell lunch with one of my dearest uni friend! Going to miss hanging out with him at uni and all but I wish the best for him. After lunch we went and watched the new Transformers movie which was alright...story line was a bit off but the action is great~! & sighs, bought a new dress online! Time for me to really stop shopping until I head to Melbourne at the end of the month!
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