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Benefit released their newest product, the gel eyeliner, earlier last week. It was perfect timing as I was in need of a new eyeliner so I thought I'd give this one a go and bought not only the eyeliner but the mascara and the matching makeup remover as a set and got a free clutch to go with it, as well as samples!
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The push-up liner tip is an angled silicone end where the product comes out from when you twist the other end of the pen. The formula is super rich and creamy making it easy to apply onto our eyelids. 
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This gel eyeliner is super pigmented with every stroke

The gel liner is quite waterproof and sweat-proof!!I love the super pigmented formula as it gives the effect of fuller lash lines and bigger eyes! Although it may be tough to remove and it does tend to clump up time to time so that is one factor I'm not loving. 

The of the box matches the they're Real Mascara and remover, chic and modern. As for the eyeliner itself is pretty modern, with a silicone tip and a twist cap to push the product through. It may be hard to control the thickness of the line but with practice you'll get the width that you want! 

Cost: ★★
This eyeliner is a tad pricey at AUD$35.

Overall: ★★★
This gel eyeliner has now become one of my favorite eyeliners, since I'm unable to find the old Dolly Wink liquid liner, as it doesn't smudge onto the bottom lash line! 
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Just finish filming a requested makeup tutorial and giveaway! Hopefully my laptop will be fixed soon to edit and upload everything! Until then I shall keep filming as much as I can! 
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Anyways it's time for me to make lunch then do a massive clean up in my room! I shall be selling off some branded makeup (mostly brand new or used once/twice) at super cheap prices, internationally. Reason being is because I have way too much makeup and what better than to sell them at extremely cheap prices to you my fellow readers! So keep an eye out for that!
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  1. I really like this eyeliner too, but it's kind of difficult for me to remove it OTL


  2. Agree! It's quite tough to get it off, had troubles helping my friend get her's off with just facial wipes but I have yet to try their matching remover. Although, my usual oil-base remover easily removes it so I'm not too fussed about the removal as much (my all time fav. makeup remover is biore's cleansing oil-purple bottle one :P ).

  3. Yeah, I find the oil-based removers or cleansing oils did the best at removing it, although there was still some eyeliner left for me D:. Ooo, I've never seen any cleansing oils by Biore in my drugstore @_@

  4. Yeah the Biore cleansing oil is specifically in Asian drugstores :(
    I've tried lookiing in my local drugstore such as Priceline etc. here but they don't carry them. I always purchase mine from sasa.com whenever I'm not oversea's to purchase it :P Hope that helps


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