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Hello my fellow readers! I apologize that I didn't post much this week as it has been quite an unexpected week for me. Anyways, looking onto a brighter side Spring is almost here in Australia and it has been raining like crazy and as they always say it's Spring Cleaning time. Spring cleaning, meaning cleaner room, desk, makeup and wardrobe!
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What better way to start SPRING (or maybe in your case Autumn) with new clothes. COCO Fashion is an international online fashion shop, selling affordable and fashionable pieces that are updated daily with the latest trends from Korean, Japanese and Hong Kong fashion. Here are a few Autumn and Spring pieces that I personally adore.
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1) Long Knitted Cardigan- I simply love the length, colour and shape of this cardigan and it's perfect to stay warm in Autumn/Winter. It also comes in a cream colour too if you prefer I lighter shade.
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2) Flowy Dresses- As for Spring approaches for me I prefer wearing more lighter and flowy dresses such as the two above. The Peachy Off-shoulder dress is incredible cute and girly whereas the Black Skater dress is more chic and classic. They both give a very feminine and spring. To complete the look you match these dresses with some Spring/Summer sandals or wedges.
Just typing up this post makes me want to go shopping instead of studying~ *SIGHS* I shall wait till the Boxing day sale!
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  1. Lovely collections ^^

    They have a lot of affordable stuufff ^^

    恵美より ♥


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