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I cannot believe I have been away from my blog for 5 weeks and you guys still continue to wait for me to blog! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND LOVE! I have a few blog posts lined up so definitely keep an eye out for them! As for today I'll be blogging on this year's SMASH! Anime and Manga Convention 2014.

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Last year I volunteered in the ticketing section, cosplaying as Lucy Heartfillia and I enjoyed ticketing so much that year which is why this year I did ticketing again! The location for SMASH! was at Rosehill Garden this time, as the Sydney Convention Centre has been taken down. Also, SMASH! wasn't here for only one day but for two days which made it an exciting and new experience for both attendee's and staff/volunteers.
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Our guests this year were Reika, a popular Japanese cosplayer known for her hand-made costumes and cosplaying as male characters, Toshihiro Kawamoto, a Japanese animator, co-founder and the director of Studio Bones and last but not least Kotono Mitsuishi, a voice actress with a career spanning over 25 years and is the voice of Sailor Moon! (KYAAAAAA!)
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The last time I purchased merchandises at an anime convention was quite a while ago, probably a good 8-9 years back and this year I went a did some damage to my wallet but it was WORTH IT! (SNIFFLES!). Anyways here's a few photo from my days at SMASH! 2014.
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-DAY 1-
Cosplay: Sailor Saturn 
(Maid Minion)

 (Great Saiyaman)
 (ChibiUsa, Usagi, Artemis)
 (Teru Teru Bozu)
(Latest weapon~) 
 (Maid Levi's)
 (Maid & Butler of SMASH! Maid 2012)
  (Adventure Time Princesses) 
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 (Misaki Mei, missing the eye patch)
 (trunks? was the name of this character~)
 (they look so familiar but who are they...?)
  (when super-panda meets lazypandah)
(My purchases, I got the last moon stick too!)
This winter I have definitely gained about 2-3kg's hence my face seems slightly rounder in the above photo's! My winter trip to Melbourne definitely contributed to the weight gain but it was definitely a well needed food trip before I started uni again. Anyways now that winter is slowly coming to an end I guess I'll be getting on the fitness wagon again!  
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  1. Aw i missed out on Smash this year! bummed. I have a sailor saturn costume at home and i still haven't worn it T_T


  3. Oh really! Wear it out to the next anime con! :D

  4. My friend went and showed me the pics too. The costumes were amazing. You look great too

    Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  5. Thanks :D
    And yeh there were so many amazing costumes!!

  6. So fun and cuteeeeee :3

    恵美より ♥


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