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When in Bali, Beach Clubs are a must to go! One of the first beach clubs I went to was called Cocoon Restaurant, Bar, Beach Club. When you walk into the restaurant the whole atmosphere was just relaxing as the interior was simple and clean. We took our seats near the side which you can see in the second picture below. 
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Once we settled into our seats we were given the menu and we took our time deciding what we wanted but since we got here quite early around 10:30am (local Bali time) we were not all too hungry so we just got cocktails instead. Just a heads up alcohol in Bali is not cheap it's probably around the same price as Australia but nevertheless we were on holiday's so we were willing to spend!
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I ordered their Toblerone cocktail which had the perfect mix of  amaretto, frangelico, kahlua, baileys, blended with cream, honey & chocolate. Pretty much any cocktails with baileys I'm sold! It was smoothie-like which made it enjoyable to drink and it wasn't too strong. This cocktail cost Rp.120(AUD$11.50).
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HappyLingFish loves her Pina Colada so she got the Cocoon Colada, it was very light and refreshing compared to my stronger milker cocktail and it cost Rp.110(AUD$10.50)
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I also got a little refreshing treat for myself, the Cocoon Snow Egg Tribute, a crispy meringue outer, palm sugar and turmeric ice-cream center, shaved 'salak fruit, hazelnut, candlenut, tangerine sorbet, coconut emulsion and edible orange flowers.The dessert was extremely sweet so those with a huge sweet tooth this is for you! The sorbet tasted a bit minty and the combination of nuts gave it that extra texture and flavor. This refreshing treat cost Rp.75(AUD$7.05).
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It was such a enjoyable and relaxing experience and our personal staff Tana made this all happen and he was also the one to tell us what was in the Snow Egg. Including all the service and tax the total of our bill came to Rp.358,985(AUD$34).
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After paying the bill, Tana (in the photo above) told us that we should take photo's near the poolside and that's when we realized we could use the day beds there if we spend more than Rp.350(AUD$32). Ling and I took full advantage of this and stripped into our swimmers to enjoy the breeze, sun and pool! They even played good old RnB music too! 
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This was during day 2 and I already felt I was in paradise here at Cocoon! It really takes your worries away and makes sure you fully enjoy the whole relaxing experience here. We stayed at the poolside until lunch time as we headed to our next foodie destination. Below are just a few snaps of our day by the pool and getting that sun-kissed skin! 
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Just looking at these photo's makes me feel like I was in Bali right now and that I should keep up my fitness routine again! I was close to obtaining abs last summer but gave in to the holiday mode haha~
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