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Earlier this month I went out to dinner with my mum, Alex(younger brother)and two of my friends, at Kobe Jones Teppanyaki at The Rocks. I was invited to taste their menu and who could deny such an offer. The day that I went so happened to be on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Moon Festival. I know this post is slightly late as I have been caught up with two jobs so I apologize for that! *Note* Although I was invited to come eat here, below are my own thought and opinions from the night. I was not paid to do so. 
Once we entered through the door we were greeted instantly by Ji, the manager of Kobe Jones Teppanyaki - The Rocks. We were taken to our seats which was in private room next to the kitchen where we could see all our dishes coming out and then picked out a few drinks to start the night. 
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I ordered the Te Rak, which has a really sweet meaning behind it as it means Sweet Heart/Beloved in Thai. The recipe was made by Trent(General Manager) and inspired by the love of his life. I thoroughly enjoyed this drink as it was layered over crushed ice in a double martini glass, green apple liqueur, cassis, lychee liqueur and a dash of fresh apple juice. It was a really refreshing drink. 
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Steph, my childhood friend who I had invited, ordered the Harlem Shake ‘Haamoni’ Californian-made Japanese lemon-infused vodka, shaken with Yuzushu sake, a dash of lime cordial, squeeze of lemon & orange, and sipped over a sugar rim. Now that’s Japanese style! I took a sip and I loved how you could taste the Yuzu sake along with the light and citrusy ingredients! This drink was the highlight of Steph's night.
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My other friend ordered the KJ BELLINI, which was Kobe Jones’s variation of a classic cocktail. King Valley sparkling gently 
stirred with one of the finest French liqueurs of your choice – lychee, strawberry, peach or apple. My friend got the lychee flavor and the drink was very similar to champagne, crisp and clear. 
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Ji was so nice and insisted that we have more drinks so she personally whipped us up two more (as I already felt so bad~). She made us the ESPRESSO MARTINI as cold as you can get it – a shaken blend of wyborowa, kahlua, galliano vanilla and a dash of espresso, strained into a large martini glass. This drink has a very strong coffee taste so this was my mum's kind of drink as she loves coffee.
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The second drink that Ji made was called the SWEET MEAW, blended and served frozen, butterscotch schnapps, Mozart white chocolate liqueur, advocat and a dash of pineapple juice, topped with Kobe Jones butterscotch sauce. The presentation was pretty cool and the flavors was so nice! It was a dessert as a drink for us! 
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As we all settled into our seats our chef for the night, Yumi, the only female teppanyaki chef in Australia, pops out and starts greeting us...in JAPANESE!! It was really cute yet funny at the same time as Yumi thought we were Japanese until I mentioned to her (also in Japanese! Thank goodness for my Japanese skills!) that we weren't. 
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I loved how Yumi would make small talks and introduce each dish to us carefully and even the details of how the dishes are prepared in advance and made. She would also tell us in advance when there would be large fires for us to take photo's too! Moving along to the food, we had a 9 dishes served up that night and we were all enjoying the flavors yet at the same time feeling so full towards the end. 
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The first dish was their Flaming No.1 Speical crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and flamed on the teppan with their secret nanban sauce. The flavors were rich and texture creamy and smooth. This was my mum's favorite dish of the night.
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The next dish was a Kobe Jones style Seafood Poke in a shell topped with avocado and alfafa. It was presented beautifully in a bite size serving and the taste was fresh. 
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Next up was the Carpaccio Scallop sashimi, sizzled with heated extra virgin olive oil and drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce. I for one love scallop and this dish was lovely and interesting with the combination of olive oil and wasabi sauce. 
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My favorite dish of the night was definitely the Cauliflower soup, full bodied deitasse of soup made in house from roasted cauliflower blended by hand witha selection of cheeses, fresh vegetable stock and cream. According to Yumi, as soon as the restaurant opens the first thing they make is the soup and full concentration is needed so that the flavors and texture is correct. She also mentions every time she catches her work mates trying to take a sip of the soup she does her flying ninja slap! (hahah~ was a really interesting conversation!). 
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A salad was served next, which was their Garlic Prawn and Calamari Salad with garlic soy and boy did I like this dish too! The calamari was super soft, silky and tender. It didn't seem like I was eating calamari at all as I wasn't use to this sort of amazing texture. The prawn was also cooked to perfection too.  
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Next dish that was served was their Lobster tail, broiled and seasoned in garlic, accompanied by baby spinach and bean sprouts. I'm not a huge fan of lobster, but I did eat this dish regardless. For lobster fans out there definitely try this dish out as you can get it seasoned to your liking besides garlic. 
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After all our more heavier dishes we were then served their Yuzu Citrus Sorbet. It was super refreshing and light! I highly recommend their sorbet for sure!!! 
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Our last main dish was their Wagyu roll, where their razor thin slices of wagyu are teppan seared and rolled with asparagus, carrot and spinach and finished with butter, soy and brandy. This was my both Steph's and my younger brother, Alex's favorite dish of the night!
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Last of all we were served dessert, which was also another one of my favorite dishes of the night. Their Crepe Suzuette was a teppanyaki style, freshly made Sapporo beer crepe, flambéed with Grand Marnier, then glazed with orange caramel sauce and served with French vanilla gelato. Even typing out the dish is making me drool for it again!
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The whole night we were able to eat such amazing dishes and drink such beautiful cocktails is all thanks to Trent, Ji & Yumi! Thankyou guys so much and I'll definitely be back again! I truly miss their Sweet Chili Motoyaki Crab from their Kobe Jones branch at King St Wharf and I definitely want to take my mum there since she's never been and it's almost her birthday too!  
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Kobe Jones Teppanyaki - The Rocks
176 Cumberland St, The Rocks, Sydney NSW
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: Lunch: 12pm - 2:30pm, 
Dinner: 6pm - 9pm
Fr & Sat: 5:30 pm - 9:30pm
Sun: 6pm - 9pm
Ph: (02) 9251 5430

It's the first day of October and the weather is super sunny yet windy! I cannot wait until uni finishes for the year so I can head off on more eating adventures with the money I'm earning through my two casual jobs! I'm finally on my mid-sem break so going to make use of it by catching up on my uni work! 
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