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I'm totally procrastinating right now, so over studying even though I've only done half a chapter worth of work *sighs*. Since I've already left my pen and paper on the other side of the table I might as well talk about my favorite place in Melbourne(so far) for burgers!
I first went to "Hello Sam" during my winter trip to Melbourne this year and it was my first meal of the day since touchdown. The girls and I were starving once we threw our stuff into the apartment as our flight was delayed numerous times making our stomachs grow hungry by the minute. Thankfully there was a burger shop right around the corner from our apartment and without further a due we rush towards the smell of burgers and fries! 
760 Chapel St, South Yarra, VIC, 3141
Ph: (03) 9973 9551
Opening hours: 7am-9pm Daily
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Once we got to the shop I fixed my eyes upon their menu and instantly saw a burger that struck to me! The Spicy Sam burger, simply Sam, with jalapeno and spicy chipotle mayo. I quickly placed my order along with a side of beer-battered onion rings while the girls took their time deciding which burger to get. We decided to sit outside in the sun even though it was a bit chilly that afternoon but it was nothing once I had food down my tummy!
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Once the burgers started to come out one by one, as usual my ritual is the camera eats first, even though the smell of burgers made my stomach growl even more. Once photo sessions were over it was time to pig in! Without regards I just took my burger in between my two hands and munched my way through the juicy meat, spicy jalapenos and the crunchy fresh greens. The smile of satisfaction was wiped across my face and I couldn't stop eating this amazing burger. The flavors and textures was just so right!
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As for the onion rings I shared them amongst the girls and we enjoyed this little snack as we planned out a few places that we'd want to visit throughout the trip. The batter of the onion rings were thicker than usual but I suppose it was to keep the onion nice and moist. 
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I was messaged by the Hello Sam instagram page to come in for free fries! Although I carefully planned to pop by on the last day before we headed off to the airport, things just got out of hand and I didn't get a chance to try another burger and their fries. Although it was unfortunate for myself, I'm not too fess over it as I'm already planning my next trip to Melbourne already and I cannot wait to grab onto another delicious burger and this time along side with their beer-battered fries instead! 

Hello Sam Cafe
760 Chapel St, South Yarra & Toorak, Melbourne, VIC
Opening Hours: Mon- Sun: 11am - 9pm
Ph: (03) 9973 9551
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Just finish dinner and I'm so full now, going to get back to my studies...hopefully! Hahaha~ I'm so behind! Anyways more Melbourne eats post coming your way soon! So follow me to keep up to date!
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  1. Good luck on your studies ^^

    And very cool burger place, I haven't been to a decent burger place for at least 2 year now haha!

    恵美より ♥


  2. Thanks very much! :D
    You must head to Melbourne then! Really good stuff! There's also a few places here in Sydney with great burgers too!


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