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The first night spent in Melbourne was also the day of my childhood friend Steph's birthday I had everything planned out for dinner already. We had Italian for dinner which was only a 5 minute walk from our apartment, talk about convenience aye! and super reasonable priced too! It was located on a super busy and popular food street called Toorak Road. 
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Once we got into the restaurant we were taken to our seats shortly and then we took our time looking at what they had on the menu. When it comes to Italian food I usually go for pasta but this time I decided to go for their Chicken Medallion dish. Although the girls and I ordered our individual dishes we did share them in the end so I did get to taste all the dishes that we had ordered. 
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We ordered 5 dishes in total and the first to come was this dish with four balls of risotto-like textures on the inside with cheese served with some rocket and balsamic vinegar. Although this dish seemed simple the highlight of this was definitely their rocket! I have no idea what their vinegar contained but it made the rocket taste more delectable! Even my friend Virginia who hates her veggies enjoyed it! 
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The dish I order that night was their special "Chicken Medallion". The chicken was quite tender but I wished the sauce had a bit more salt to it. 
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Virginia, AKA the meatlover (literally) ordered the Pork Belly dish and boy did it look amazing! There was a small side of salad on it which she skipped out on and tucked into the meat! The pork was tender and juicy, except the skin wasn't as crunchy as I thought I'd be. Other than that this was quite nice!
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Julia had ordered their Fettuccini, Garlic Prawns, Garden Peas Pasta! The flavors were light and simple, easy to have for dinner if you're looking for something not too heavy. 
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What won my heart that night though was the most unexpected dish ever. It was there Gnocchi, Baked Ricotta, Pumpkin, Spinach with Burnt Butter Sauce. I've never enjoyed gnocchi ever, maybe it's because Sydney doesn't have any great gnocchi as they are either too dry, doughy or chewy, hence I have given that dish the boot! But HALLELUJAH! This gnocchi was so soft and fluffy which instantly melted into your mouth and was incredibly flavorful. I highly recommend getting this dish and only this dish if you ever head to Insieme. 
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Overall we all had a fabulous night as the food and company was great! I remember the bill wasn't too bad either as we were about to leave and head back to our apartment, where our surprise awaited Stephanie. The surprise was a delicious birthday cake which we had ordered 2 weeks in advance! And she loved it! We also watched Magic Mike that night and boy were there lots of buns going around! 
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This morning I have finally finished my long-awaited ONE exam! Once my exam was over I went to my appointment for a nice facial to treat myself! It was such a relaxing facial as I almost fell asleep! Once I got home my Dad just got home from the airport (WELCOME HOME DAD) and we shall be eating out tonight! 
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  1. Everything looks sooooo delicious iahanefklnfkl makes me want to get back to blogging food! *o*

    ps. Joined your giveaway! xD

  2. @Snow Rii- the food was certainly delicious indeed! & LUCKY YOU!!! I remember I went to Japan for the first time where it was just after New Years so just in time for the fukubukuro (lucky bags). Have a fun and safe time there and OMGSH! ONSEN! how much i miss them!
    As for this post counting towards as a comment I shall allow it ;) but next time make sure you comment on the giveaway post :P

  3. Ohh Melbourne is a wonderful place to visit~ ^ v ^
    I am from Sydney! ^ 3 ^

  4. Indeed it is!!!! Yay! Another sydney-sider woohoo!


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