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Since I've been super busy over the past few days and maybe even weeks I haven't had much time to continue blogging as often but here's a different sort of blog entry for the day. Since I'm in my STUVAC week (aka. study period for exams) I haven't been getting into my studies as much as I would like to so I've only been keeping fit and also listening to a few recently released KPOP's. Here's a few that I personally like:

Kawaii Angler Fish Icon by xXScarletButterflyXx

(Jeon Minju- Good Bye Rain)
I love the melody and strong voice of this new star! She has looks strong fierce and beautiful in every shot! I love her makeup style and in a few shots where she is wearing a cap she reminds me of my dear blogging friend Ophieee
Sparkly Rainbow Icon by angelishi
(Song Jieun- Don't Look At Me Like That)
I love how this song starts off with a soft melody then strengthens in both vocal and instrumental.  
sleeping totoro - free icon! by RRRAI

(Yoon Hyun Sang & IU- When would it be)
I love how melodic this song sounds~Makes me want to fall asleep just listening to this BTS video of the song. Cannot wait until the full MV version comes out!
Kawaii Pixel Heart Icon by Pastel-BunBun
Today I didn't really do much but on Monday I was able to check out the new side of the Macquarie shopping centre and boy does H&M look big, but compared to Melbourne's one, our's is still small. Right across from H&M you can see Forever 21 getting ready to open up in December. Anyways I'm going to leave it here for today~
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  1. Jieun's song is one of my monthly favorites! I can't stop listening to it haha xD
    Great post, your blog is so cute ^_^

    minae |

  2. Same here!! When it first came out the song just really captured my attention hahaha!
    Thanks so much! I'm currently running a giveaway on my blog and facebook page so feel free to enter :D


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