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After chilling at Cocoon Beach Club for the entire morning we went around looking for our next location for lunch! We did some research the night before and came across a few that were close by and decided to stop by WARUNG ASIA as it was only a few minutes walk away from Cocoon!
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They offer Thai x Balinese Food so we decided to order their Mussaman Beef Curry and Indonesian Special Fried Rice w/fried egg, prawn cracker & 2 chicken satay's. While waiting for our food to arrive we asked for their wifi password. 
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The food came to our table quite swiftly but before we could tuck in our camera's have to eat first. 
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The Mussaman Beef curry was really delicious as you could taste the different hints of spices used. The beef easily shreds and melts into your mouth and it only cost about AUD$5.50!!
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As for the Indonesian Special fried rice dish, it was simple yet delicious! It brings back many memories of my childhood since I grew up with Indonesian food and all~ The chicken satay's were super tender and the rice was just spot on! This dish cost AUD$4!!
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When paying the bill, after tax and service fee we only spent about AUD$11 in total for lunch! We sat around for a bit more before heading off to try the fish spa and finding souvenirs.
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