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These days I haven't had much "ME TIME" due to my working schedules, as it's almost Christmas and that my big brother was back in Sydney for a few days so I've been quite busy with family too. Yesterday I finally got the time to pamper myself with my newly purchased mud mask by GLAMGLOW, which I purchased 2 weeks ago. I purchased their YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment from MECCA, which cost AUD$75. 
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Boy was I excited to try on this mask as I've heard loads about this product but never really had much of a chance to really go and try it until one of my co-worker, now friend, told me that it worked wonders so I thought to myself I MIGHT AS WELL PAMPER MYSELF with both retail therapy and me time therapy!
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 Once I had opened the box, a soft aroma of a green tea arose and I instantly felt relaxed! There are quite a few benefits from the green tea leaf which include the following:
-Reduce sun damages to skin

-Prevents wrinkles
-Tones Skin
-Reduces redness
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Without further a due, I applied a thin layer of the mud mask onto my face and just in seconds it started to dry up giving you that stiff feeling which I would imagine how botox would feel like! I loved it because it really tightened my skin instantly! After 10 minutes the mask had completely dried up and I washed away the mask in circular motions for that extra scrub! 
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 As a result I was in love with this product and understood all the rave about it. My skin looked very clear and bright! It also left it super soft and it didn't strip away too much of my skin moisture! Despite the price, I highly recommend this mask and now I want to try their hydrating mask and eye mask too~!~Overall: 
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Sorry I haven't been able to blog much I've been just way too tired after work to blog ><" I'll slowly get some reviews up now and then so definitely keep an eye out! Also I would like to thank all my readers for the support and love during the previous international giveaway!!
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  1. Ohh I may have to give this a go, I love mud masks~ ^ ___ ^
    I am a new follower of your blog! ^ ^


    & yes! this mud mask is amazing :D


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