Kyoto Arashiyama // Gion Festival (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Our first day in Kyoto we started bright and early. We headed out along Shijo Dori and made a small pit stop to grab some coffee. 

Once we finish our coffee run we started our way towards the Yukata rental shop and we managed to see the Gion Matsuri begin! It was my first ever matsuri that I've ever seen in life and it was very interesting. 

As soon as we got to the yukata rental shop it was time to pick our yukata and get our hair done! They have a wide range of hair accessories and hairstyles for you to choose from!

This time round I went for a pastel yellow with bright sakura flowers and finished it off with a pastel lilac obi. As for my hair I wanted something more elegant, so I went for a low bun and topped it off with a purple flower clip. 

After putting on our yukata we headed off to Arashiyama, also known as the Bamboo Forest. It was super hot that day so I got myself some kakigori (shaved ice) at the station, before we started our walk towards Arashiyama Bridge to meet up with a friend of mine.

Along the way I saw this man grilling unagi!! OMGSH! I wanted to just eat there on the spot because unagi is one of my favorite Japanese dishes! I had much regrets not getting this after we left too! Next summer I must try it!!

 This time round, it was my first time being on the bridge at Arashiyama. It was really beautiful~

Steph and I didn't let the scene or yukata go to waste and we took tonnes of selfies, until my friend Oscar arrived!

 We decided to grab some food before trekking up into the forest and so we walked around seeing what we could find to eat~ We managed to find a maiko walking around being filmed~ I loved her red kimono!!

As for lunch, we settled down for this soba shop nearby and it was super refreshing, as it was served cold!

After lunch, it was time to head into the Bamboo forest. I swear everything looks so much more vibrant and full of life in summer!

Cannot leave the bamboo forest without any selfies, right!? Just Oscar, Steph and I enjoying this lovely walk surrounded by nature and people.

I mean look how beautiful this scene just looks!

We came across this small pond?, and there were turtles hanging around it~

Thank you Oscar for taking this amazing shot as I descend down from the forest!

Once again, I had to take a photo on the rail tracks but I was definitely not going to balance on the beam in my geta sandals! 

After a long day of walking in the forest, Oscar headed off as he was headed to Tokyo that night to meet up with friends. whereas Steph and I were headed off to Kinkakuji, but first, we needed a quick break from all that walking. So we stopped by this cute little cafe! 

 We ordered the Ice tea set which comes with a refreshing glass of ice tea and red tea jelly. The jelly was so nice and delicious, perfect for the summer days! 

I had to take heaps of selfies since I won't have many chances of me in a yukata that is properly put on! After finishing our little treat we headed out to Enmachi, where Kinkakuji awaits us! 

When we arrived at Enmachi, I had to make a quick stop to the croquette shop as they have really good croquette there at cheap prices. Unfortunately for us we arrived 5:01pm and the place closes at 5pm. So we had to revisit Kinkakuji another time. 

We headed back to Kyoto, returned our yukata's before heading out for a quick dinner. We got Mosburger (again!). Mmmm that tastey goodness.

We explored an arcade strip, where we found many shops and restaurants were hidden in. There was also a shrine so we decided to check it out. 

 We saw many of these thousand paper cranes hanging~

 As soon as we came out of the shrine we headed a lot of noise from the other side so we made our way through and saw that the Gion Matsuri was making its' finale! The men would hoist the float up and down while chanting, as a means of team effort and support.

Once they were done they all cheered and clapped for everyone's effort for the day. They have had a long day as you will find them to be all sweaty and tired! After watching the last hoist, Steph and I headed back home and had an early night in.
Only 2 days till Christmas and until I announce the giveaway winner!! If you haven't entered you can enter now via this "link"
Blogging about my Japan trips makes me miss Japan so much and I cannot believe next year in June the Tsukiji fish market will no longer be there!! Hopefully their new fish market will be just as good though! Need to start planning my next Japan trip, I really want to go during the Sakura season and Octorber for their Halloween craziness!

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Nuffnang White Christmas Party // Dayre App Launch ╰(✧∇✧╰)

On the 9th Decemeber, Wednesday evening I attended Nuffnang's White Christmas Party to launch the Dayre App. It was at Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, so it was perfect for me to walk from work earlier that day. 

Foods and drinks were constantly being served and we started off with crackers, vegetables and dips. 

Next came this platter, the Cheese risotto fried balls were so.....good!! So simple and fattening but so delicious and FREE!

As soon as the seafood platter came out, everyone rushed towards it! Fresh oysters, prawns, fried calamari, fried fish sticks and fries! Mmmm~ perfect for the night!

Then the mini burgers came out!! So juicy, delicious and perfect bite-sized too!

Last of all pizza was served! I was quite stuffed from the seafood so I only had one piece of this pizza. 

There was a selection of drinks that night that were on the house, so I got myself the apple cider. Lingfish got herself the sparkling wine and rose wine. I decided to pose with her drink for this photo before taking photos with the other bloggers who attended that night~

Swah from "Loveswah"

 Tammi from "Insatiable Munchies"

 Ling from "Happy Ling Fish"

Charlotte from "How Do You Do 22"

 Kathleen from "Kathmadula"

Chea-Yee from "Cheayee"

There was a few more bloggers who I failed to take photos with as some left early but they include:
Olivia & Elissa (from Nuffnang)

Only 9 days till Christmas!! 
I cannot believe how time flies!! To those who celebrate Xmas, have you got your Xmas gifts for your loved ones yet! I still need to do so by the end of this week~ 
Also if you haven't watched my HK Beauty Haul video, you can do so below!
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10 days till Christmas // 2015 Wishlist (๑♡⌓♡๑)

It has been over a year since I posted my first wishlist entry and as it draws closer to Xmas I find it to be a suitable time to start hunting items that I want. I have made a wishlist of items that I do want but not necessarily must have.

Tartelette eye shadow palette- I've been eyeing this palette at Sephora as all the shades are beautiful to create day and night looks, plus they are all matte. I've got a few eye shadow palettes but not a lot of them come with everyday-wearable matte shades. So this is perfect!

Manfrotto Spectra Bi-Color LED Flood Light (1x1 ft.)
Next up is two of these Manfrotto Spectra Light or a studio lighting kit so I can film better quality videos for you guys and upload more! The Manfrotto ones cost a huge amount's time to invest! 
Now here is something I definitely need, a new mobile phone!! The phone I'm currently using is almost 6 years old and it the Samsung Galaxy S3! Yes I survived majority of my uni life with this phone and it's starting to lag so much these days, I just need a new phone. However when I was doing some research on what phone to get next (the latest samsung, iphone, etc.) I found the price and the size of the new phones are both HUGE!!!! *sighs*
Now something to touch on my inner child, this Luna bag will be perfect! I mean look at how cute it is, and it can also be transformed into a backpack too! *NYAAA!

Another Sailormoon related item is the Sailor Moon S Miracle Romance Cosmic Heart Cheek. This product is releasing in March 2016 in Japan and I do have a friend heading there during that time so hopefully she will be able to get her hands on one of these for me.

Now I've always been fascinated by dolls which is why I'm a huge fan of the anime Rozen Maiden. I've saw this doll of Shinku everywhere during my trip in winter and summer to Japan. I think it was a sign but I never purchased her...But maybe this time I'll ask my friend to help me purchase her when they go to Japan in March. 

I did see the Sailormoon dolls to in Japan...I absolutely love Sailor Chibi Moon aka Chibi Usa. But I shall give a good think about these one for now. I mean look how cute Luna (in human form) looks~

I actually lost my snowflake charm and it's pretty upsetting, as it is the only charm I like from Pandora. I like to wear this charm as a necklace pendant. 

A qipao, to be specific I'm thinking of getting this exact piece to film a Chinese New Years related video next year, but another reason is because I've never actually owned one before!

Well I hope my wishlist didn't bore you too much. Also I have just uploaded my latest video on my Hong Kong Beauty Haul from my summer trip during July. Hope you guys enjoy this video as well as your holidays!
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