2015 // BLURP

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A bit over a week into 2015 and I feel excited of what's to come as I've already made a few travel plans for this year! First travel plans, I'll be going to Japan in mid-February before uni starts with a good old high school mate of mine. I just cannot wait until that day comes which is why I've been working heaps and being inactive with my blog these past couple of months.

This year I'm hoping to challenge myself, especially with my fitness and health as I have a very unhealthy habit of eating out(almost daily!). Now that work has started to slow down, I have the time to head off to the gym and really work out a good sweat. Also, I have started making most of my meals which are super healthy and delicious too because I cannot enjoy life without good food but I'm going to allow myself a cheat meal once in a while. 
As for the rest of the journey of 2015 I guess I'll slowly have to set goals and get on top of my game. I wish everyone a (belated) Happy New Years and let's start setting goals for 2015!
So far my goals are:
-clean my room more often
-try out new things
-save up money
-blog more
-smile more, worry less

This blog entry was totally random, even I don't know what I wanted write about but I got there (I guess?). Anyways I end this blog with a photo of my friend and I going to Bondi Beach a few days ago~
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