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First foodie review of 2015 starts at The Grounds of Alexandria. Yesterday was a cloudy but warm sort of day and I was headed off to The Grounds with the boyfriend (Mr.Smiles). The last time I went to The Grounds was also last year in summer and since then things have changed so much! 
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While we waited for our table we went around the area and checked out what the changes were. The changes included the market and garden area which were noticeable instantly! 
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The Garden has had a fast food counter along with the bar they had. They also moved the bakery section from the garden seating section to the pathway right across the brunch location, along with the lemonade, sugarcane juice and nut stalls!
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The florist had also changed as I remember being it much more smaller but it now feels much spacier, maybe it's because it's more open air and they've also got the rainbow roses and glass jars filled with greenery in them which you can hang them up. I really wanted to get the teardrop looking one but where would I put it...I need to figure that out first before I can purchase one
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Moving onto their farm animals, last summer they had two goats or so and their well-known pig, Kevin Bacon and a few chickens. Now they've added a pony and a pair of ducks!
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They've also got another cafe called The Potting Shed up and going too, so if you're not bothered to wait an average of 40-50 minutes you can either eat at The Potting Shed or in the Garden Bar instead.
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Enough about the surroundings and moving onto the food, their menu had made a huge change compared to last year with more renovated and new dishes. We ordered their Roasted Salmon Fillet, the Ground Burger and their Special Drink of the Day, Fresh Fruit Punch. 
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Last summer I got the salmon dish as well but wasn't all that great, but this year it was so light and refreshing to have, especially on a hot day. The sauce seemed somewhat familiar to me but I just couldn't put my tongue onto it until I saw the menu and it was cauliflower puree! 
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The burger was not so bad either, although I regret not going for the soft shell crab one. It definitely fulfilled my burger craving. It came with a side of chips and boy were the chips and chili mayo, which were superb! 
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The Fruit Punch was freshly squeezed orange juice with various fruits included such as apple, lychee, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, etc. topped with mint leaves.
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It was a lovely day spent with Mr.Smiles as it was his first time going to The Grounds and he was just surprised as to why it was this popular and all.
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If you're visiting Sydney or looking for a place full of surprises I highly suggest going to The Grounds to check out their garden, markets, animals and of course their cafe~! The only downside is probably the getting here and/or finding parking (although we found parking as we reached the location!). 
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Been slowly getting my blog posts up more often as work starts to clear up a bit.
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  1. aww a pony! and yum all those baked goods!

  2. yehhh~ the pony is super cute~ and yeh the baked goods always makes me drool~


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