Lello Lello Gelato | in Bali 八(^□^*)

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We came across a gelato shop called LELLO LELLO in Seminyak and as the weather was hot and humid what better way to cool off than some delicious scoops of gelato!
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I loved how there was a big pineapple at the front of their place! Their tiles were pretty cool too and I couldn't resist but take a photo of it~ This place is also quite big as it also has an outside seating area too!
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I went and tried out a few flavors with Ling before deciding what ones we wanted. The one below is dragon fruit if I remember correctly. It's so vivid in colour that I couldn't resist but to try it first!
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In the end me and Ling decided to get one scoop of gelato each and we chose the Tangerine & Lime and the Champers & Strawberry flavors. I really enjoyed the tangerine & lime, not only because I chose it, but I really like a more citrus, zingy sort of taste when it comes to gelato. The champers & strawberry was also really nice too! Also don't mind the shot glasses next to the gelato, it's just water~ HAHA!
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Here is a snap of the outside section~ Looks pretty comfortable doesn't it~!
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Ling and myself really enjoyed our chilling time here because it just had a great atmosphere and the gelato was really nice! Took a few more photo's of the surround that I almost forgot to take a photo of us..which turned out to be blurry only on myself (have no idea why?). Once we finished the gelato's we headed off to find a place for dinner.
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Already more than halfway through January, which means we approach Valentines Day, Chinese New Years and my JAPAN TRIP!! Super excited with my Japan trip and cannot wait until I can stuff my face with delicious heavenly food!
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  1. Wow! Bali!!
    That place looks very cozy..unfortunately, I'm not visit that place when I go to Bali T^T
    It looks so much fun ^^ and that gelato look so yummy! :9

    -Kirin chan

    Blog: http://kawaiinesia.blogspot.com

  2. Was really relaxing and the gelato flavors were nice too :)
    Should definitely try it if you go to Bali again~


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