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After a relaxing aromatherapy session at BODY WORKS it was time for lunch! Ling and I have been craving a good cup of mocha and decided to go to a hipster cafe nearby called SEA CIRCUS.
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It is noticeable with it's colourful window design and chill atmosphere. The seafood items on their menu taste great as well as their mocha's which is why we ended up coming here twice during our trip! I ordered their calamari dish, chicken & avocado baguette and a regular mocha. 
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To be honest their baguette wasn't all that great but their calamari was amazing! Which is why I recommend to get seafood above all other ingredients! 
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Mocha there was just perfect! A perfect blend of coffee, milk and chocolate! It was so blissful to have a sip of something that made me think of home. Plus it came with a small quote with every cup too! I kept these as a keepsake. 
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During our second visit to Sea Circus there was more space inside so we decided to take up a table in the corner with comfy couches and spent hours enjoying our mocha, free wifi and of course taking tonnes of photo's!
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Before we left I went and visited the bathroom only to head back out to grab my camera to take a few photo's! The bathroom is pretty neat! Check out that sink and the hand towels underneath it! Plus they had a ring-light mirror set up too, I mean how can I let good selfie lightening slip away right!! Here's a photo of my outfit I wore the second time I went!!~
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Ending this post with some love from both LingFish and I! If you're in Bali and you're missing some good ol' mocha, try SEA CIRCUS!
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  1. this cafe is at bali?wow i should visit it someday since it's in my country.lol *0*
    btw,all looks delicious and love the style of graffiti !


  2. Yeh!! It's in Bali!! :D

    Should def check it out :P


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