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So the past few days..(or even weeks since I dragged it out), I've been cleaning and reorganizing my room so that I can enjoy and relax to the fullest. I knew that my room was messy and cluttered making it hard to find things at times.
It wasn't until after the New Years I decided to get myself together and just declutter, clean and have organization in my room. I looked at many inspirational pictures of rooms and see how stuff was organized and packed away and then I started the process of throwing stuff out.
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I started with my cupboard just because there was so many clothes that were placed everywhere. Many of them were clothing's I once wore back in my high school days and I knew it was time to throw them out.
My tips to cleaning a wardrobe was:
- Have I worn this in the past year?
- Does it (still) fit/look good on?

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I literally wiped out 80% of my wardrobe, most were given to my younger cousin, which she sorted and the rest was all donated. I really need to be cautious of what I buy because so many things were new but I just never wore. *sighs*
I then moved along to the desk and floor where most my "stuff" happened to be. Boy was there tonnes of stuff I just threw out. 
Tip to cleaning the desk/floor:
- Rubbish = THROW

- Not rubbish = KEEP
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So what I mean here by rubbish is literally just old uni notes, pamphlets, just bits and pieces of broken/unused/unnecessary stuff. I threw out at least 4 garbage bags of rubbish and an old computer desk that was falling apart. Not rubbish items could include textbooks, note books, novels, pens, etc. 
I knew that I lacked storage in my room so I decided to place things in boxes that were organised in a way that was easy for me to place stuff as I was cleaning i.e. Makeup/Skincare Box, Books & Pens Box, Hair accessories Box, Jewelry filled Box, Sentimental value item Box, Technology Box, etc.  
Last but not least was to clean up under my bed (which I did today!). I was expecting a huge amount of junk but to my surprise there wasn't as much as I thought there would be (thank goodness!). All that is left for me to do is just organize where I would like all my stuff that I have kept in its' new position (which can be quite hard!!). So yeah! I'll do a room tour post once I have completely cleaned and organised my room!!
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