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Free Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOoFree Ghibli Friends Avatar 4 by oOLuccianaOo
First day in Japan! We started the day fresh and early in the morning where we started our journey to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.
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We took the train and subway to Mitaka station where there was heaps of delicious looking food everywhere!! We couldn't hide our content and went around looking at each and every food we could!
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Just look at all these delicious looking cakes! How can you not get excited over this!! Especially in Japan! 
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Once we finally stepped out of the station I decided to take a picture of the place. Then we started our walk towards the Studio Ghibli Museum by following the signs. 
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You can actually take a bus to the Museum which takes about 8-10 minutes but we didn't know until after we started our walk! Although we did take the bus back to Mitaka station afterwards.
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The walk took about 15 minutes or so and we finally saw the entrance sign! Just casually taking a photo under it before heading through the gates and seeing the massive TOTORO! Here are the photo's along the way to the Museum.
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We were not allowed to take photo's inside the museum but outside the museum is alright to take photo's of. The same rule applies to the cafe located outside, no photo's were allowed of the cafe inside itself but food is alright. I didn't know this until a staff came up to me so I manage to take a shot of the cafe~
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Once we had a good brunch I decided to take a visit to their bathroom which had a very homey feel to it. 
We then continued to explore the museum, especially outside because I remember seeing a few iconic Ghibli statues around the place. Here is their tower which you can climb up the spiral staircase and see an amazing view of the museum. 
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Once you reach the top of the tower, not only do you see an amazing view but you can also take a photo next to the robot from the Ghibli movie, Laputa Castle in the Sky and the Laputa cube!
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There is so much to see at this museum and all the art work is just amazing! Also you get to watch a mini Ghibli movie which is all in Japanese but it's super easy to understand even if you're just watching the moving pictures. The mini movie I watched was called Koro's big walk. I manage to purchase quite a few goodies from their souvenir shop but you can also find them elsewhere around Japan. To see what Ghibli stuff I purchased you can watch my haul video here: >Ghibli Haul<. 
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I highly recommend going to this museum, especially if you are a Ghibli fan like myself! You must purchase your tickets beforehand at a Lawson convenient store but I purchased my ticket via. an agency in Sydney to make it much easier when exchanging for the entrance tickets to the museum on the day. 
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Today's weather is crazy! The wind is so strong that it pulled down a few tree's onto the road and train tracks. Which is one of the reason's why I'm staying home because I have no other way to get to uni!
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  1. The place is so dreamy isn't it!! Absolutely magical >w<

  2. It is very magical!! Every part of the museum was just breathtaking!


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