Seafood in Shibuya // ISOMARUSUISAN ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

I remember the first day when we were at Shibuya we were quite peckish regardless of the filling brunch we had earlier at Ghibli Studio's Museum. We found this seafood restaurant called Isomaru Suisan and decided to stop and have some delicious seafood before we started shopping.
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It was pretty cozy inside and it smelt so good because there were customers there already grilling their fresh seafood. We took our seats and first thing I asked (in Japanese) was for an English menu so my friend Max could see what to get. 
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We ordered a LARGE fresh assorted shellfish to share , marinated calamari and their number one seller grilled kani (crab) miso.
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Once our food came it was then set onto the grill where one of the waitress will help cook the dishes for you. Also, here are some close up pictures of the food!!
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Assorted Shellfish Large serving 
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Just getting the grilled to perfection!!
All the natural juices were oozing out and it was just impeccable!
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Marinated Squid/Calamari
Quite delicious and fresh!
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*Kani means crab in Japanese
This was my favorite dish! It was very surprising delicious even though it seemed quite ordinary!! I highly recommend this dish!
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I've been super busy the last few weeks as I have had 9 assignments to due over the last couple of week and it was not fun! Once I finish all the assignments for the following week I have a small breather and I shall film more often then! 

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