Downtown Asakusa // Ice-cream galore (★^O^★)

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After our early start in Tsukiji Fish Market we headed to Asakusa to visit the Sensoji Shrine! There were already heaps of people and tourist by the time we got there so it was hard to get a solo shot of me and the HUGR lantern near the entrance way! 
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Look at how intricate the detailing is under the lantern!! It's so beautiful!
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Anyways, once we past the gate we were greeted with the lovely busy atmosphere of the shops! They had heaps of amazing and beautiful stuff to buy!! Everything from snacks to yukata's to souvenirs!! We ended up coming to Sensoji Shrine twice since we didn't finish our souvenir shopping during the first round! 
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How could I miss out on the icecream's here!! The first time I got black sesame and it was so delicious!! Next time round I got Yuzu and it's my favorite flavor so far! The blue one, which Max got, was Ramune which tasted somewhat like bubblegum
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We continued our walk towards the main shrine and went inside to pay our respects~ But before you enter you will see a smoke coming out of a stand, you must pat the smoke onto your head to purify yourself before heading inside the shrine as respect. 
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I didn't take too many photo's whilst inside the shrine as I wanted to savor the moment and absorb the atmosphere and details of everything inside the building. It's much more quiet and less busy once you step inside. 

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Along my way back out of the shrine itself, I saw my first cherry blossom (sakura) in Japan, so had to snap a photo of it before heading back through the busy streets again. 
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Along the way you will find heaps of small food stands about so definitely take your time and enjoy the food there!!
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Since it was winter when I went to Japan, I tried out the hot Rice Sake and boy was it really warm!! The punch of sake was quite strong too but was very delicious!!
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We also got this cake, I believe it was sweet potato and boy was it super delicious. The texture was fluffy packed with heaps of flavor as it was slightly roasted! 
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You have to try this taiyaki!! It is redbean with chestnuts and it was so amazing!!! I loved the taste of the two and it simply warmed me up!! I literally finished this in a few bites! 
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We also saw puffer fishes!! This time round we didn't get to eat this delicacy as we sort of ran out of time as well as feared for our lives. Although I intend on try it the next time I head to Japan again in July (WISH ME LUCK!!)
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I saw this and I have no idea what it's for....Can anyone tell me? I just know it was this bristle chunk of ball hanging on top of a tub fill of water and small fishes.
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Once we left the Sensoji shrine we decided to find a place to sit as we were utterly tired from all the walking and shopping. So we found this cafe right across the road and had the perfect bird's view of Asakusa! It was simply gorgeous!! 
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We spent about an hour or so here, drinking tea, absorbing the streets of Japan and filling in our dairies. Once we finished up we headed back to Shibuya, where we bought this amazing Cheesecake!! 
Today went for my final lecture of this semester so I just over a month till I go to Hong Kong and Japan but first exams!
Haven't been feeling the mood to film makeup tutorial but been getting ideas to film some real talk video~ I shall see how I go first~

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