Marshmallow Egg Benedict & Winter Coffee in Shibuya ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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The day to travel to Kyoto via. the Shinkansen (bullet train) had arrived and we started the morning at at a small cafe in Shibuya for breakfast. The cafe was called [Cafe Cuccina & Company] which hidden behind the boutiques was inside a plaza called Q Tokyu.
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While I was waiting for my food to arrive I was filling in my daily travel dairy entry. 
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I ordered a Egg Benedict meal and the Barista original Inverno drink. 
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The egg white was incredibly soft and looked as if it had a marshmallow-like texture which is why once I broke the egg the flavors were rich and creamy. It was super delicious and only cost ¥880 (tax excl.)
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The Inverno coffee was delicious as it had a beautiful blend of coffee and chocolate making it the perfect mocha. It also came with a gorgeous and intricate snowflake design on the top and cost ¥670
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Once we finished our relaxing morning we headed off to MARKCITY, another plaza just across the road as Max wanted to get a haircut done by QB House. QB House is well known for getting haircuts done in under 10 minutes which is pretty cool! 
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Last day of May and only one week left of uni until exam period and holidays! I'm super excited as I cannot wait to be free from studying for a while and just enjoy working (I finally have a new job!!!) and hanging with friends while waiting for my time to go to Hong Kong and Japan!! 

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