Tsukiji Fish Market // Seafood Breakfast ζ°)))彡

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The day of visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market started off not as early as we originally planned so we left our place around 7am and got to the market around 8:30am. 
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Once we got there we started looking where to eat and as soon as we reached closer to the middle of the markets there was a MASSIVE queue for Sushi Dai and apparently the wait at that time was 6 HOURS!
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Clearly we were not early enough and patient enough to let our stomach's growl any longer. So we manage to find a restaurant that wasn't as crowded called Sushi Maru, which coincidentally was the same one my boyfriend went to in July 2014. 
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Max and I ordered a sushi set each and we waited until it was completed to share the photo's with our friends and family. My camera was acting up and so I had to turn towards my phone camera with a filter since the lightening was not the best. 
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As you can see we were served assorted seafood accompanied with scampi miso soup. My favorite definitely was the TORO( far right) in this photo above. It literally just melted in my mouth and I was having a moment of pure bliss!  
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We also ordered their raw oysters with two different dressing's. Both were just simply amazing but I must say I did prefer the one on the left. 
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We also walked past this store selling some strawberry daifuku and wagashi (traditional Japanese snacks).  
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Look how cute the traditional snacks are!! I got a panda shaped one which I gave to my friend from Kyoto.
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We bought a two strawberry daifuku's and decided to take a bite straight away, after that one bite...we decided to buy a few more. I also asked the owner if I could take a photo with her and she was very concern whether if her appearance was okay to take one but she kindly agreed to my request. She is such a sweet lady!! Cannot wait to go back and buy some more daifuku's from here again!
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On our way back to the station we walked by two shrines and decided to visit them both. 
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The first shrine was quite small and was just across the road from the Fish market whereas the other was just further towards the station. 
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As their traditional ritual goes, hands must be cleansed before you pray 
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The second shrine is where I prayed at my Chinese zodiac for my studies!! Check out my youtube channel for that video on my charms :D
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There was also a small shrine for the Fox Spirits too!!
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Here is my Chinese zodiac! I am born in the year of the MONKEY! 
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I enjoyed my morning at Tsukiji Fish Market as there was just so many good restaurants around offering such amazing menu's and at such an amazing price too! I cannot wait to come here again and maybe I'll try and get up earlier to go for Sushi Dai's menu!!
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The next two weeks are going to be sunny!! What perfect timing when my workload is getting less and less by the week! I shall be filming some new stuff for you guys soon!! 

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  1. all them nigiri omg <3 <3 <3

    I don't remember which restaurant I went to in tsukiji anymore - it was literally the first one i found that accepted credit cards. All the restaurants are probably fairly amazing though *v*


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