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Behind the busy streets of Shibuya there is a cozy yakitori restaurant located on the second floor called YAKITORI MARUKIN. This place has amazing yakitori's that I ended up coming here twice during my Winter Japan trip! 
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They have an All-You-Can-Drink menu at  ¥299 (exclu. tax)/30mins. The offer 70 different kinds of alcohols and soft drinks to choose from and you can mix them up too. 
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Since we didn't really know what to order we asked the waitress for her recommendation and she offered us the 10 skewers option which you can add more skewers, once you finish the first 10, to 20 and 30. 
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We went with that option as it would be the easiest and each skewer was different. Majority of the skewers would be recommended to dip into the jar of sauce. This jar of sauce is literally the holy grail of sauce! It is very aromatic and taste good with all the skewers! 
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We also ordered Gyoza which had a very different appearance than usual and we also got the Horse meat, tataki-style. I had imagined the horse meat to be quite tough and chewy but to my surprise it was incredibly tender and melts into your mouth!!  
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This is one of my favorite places to eat in Japan and I will definitely be coming back here during their Summer! I cannot wait until I can stuff these beautiful skewers into my mouth along with the drool-worthy jar of sauce. I was so tempted to take a jar home!! Anyways for those who intend on going to Japan soon I highly recommend this place!! 
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Finished one out of three essay now which are all due this coming week. After that I have a bit of a breather and the weather should be sunny so hopefully I can film my Japan fashion haul then! 

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  1. omg I think I went there on my last trip! Mannn they bring out the yakitori faster than I could drink :< probably a good thing actually hahaha.they have heaps of umeshu aye! fun times~~

  2. their soft tofu thingy is really good too!! You must try it!

  3. Oh really!! i know right!!! haha

  4. Oooo!! I shall see if they have that the next time I go in July :D


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