Kinkaku-ji & Streets of Gion (。◝‿◜。)

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As we left Arayashima Bamboo Forest I decided to write a wish before heading off to go and see the World Cultural Heritage, Kinkakuji. 
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Along the way back to the station we saw all these souvenir and food shops so of course we had a look around before we left.
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When we arrived at Enmachi station and waited for the bus to take us to the golden temple. 
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I was getting a bit hungry and saw this croquette shop so decided to try it out. Their croquettes are so crunchy on the outside and piping hot with the potato filling on the inside. They have different fillings besides the traditional potato ones. 
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Once we arrived at Kinkakuji there were heaps of tourist already heading in. Max and I paid our entrance fee then headed inside as well where the beautiful temple awaits peacefully. It started to rain so we couldn't see the reflection of the temple in the water too. 
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After spending a couple of hours at Kinkakuji, looking at the beauty we made our way back to Gion where we walked the traditional looking streets. Unfortunately we didn't see any geisha's or maiko's along the way.
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When night fall started to come by we decided to walk back to Kyoto from Gion so we could past the Kamogawa (Kamo River) which has been seen in many jdrama's and anime. 
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I, myself just couldn't help but to take a photo looking into the distance with the night lights of Kyoto coming to life. 
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Once we got back to Kyoto we met up with my friend Ryota for dinner where he took us to this restaurant. It was super cozy and the food was delicious!!
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First we got this grilled squid and it was incredible tender!!
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A salad arrived and I have to say I don't know what they Japanese do with their vegetables but they are always so crunchy and delicious!! HOW TO EVEN!!!
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When their gyoza arrive I was intrigued how it was displayed! Pretty cool as it came upside down! 
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I was craving chicken wings that night and so we ordered a few wings!!
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Another chicken dish and once again their side of vege's are super crunchy and fresh!!!
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They also had a sushi roulette, so we played the game and guess who got the bomb.....I DID! First time ever as I usually get the miss when we have sushi roulette back home in Sydney. 
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The pork cutlet was so juicy and the sauce was so delicious I used the side of vegetables to pretty much clean the plate off. 
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Our full on day of exploring iconic places in Kyoto was tiring but amazing! We had an early night so the next day, which is our final day in Kyoto, we would be able to start our adventure bright and early. We had packed the following day with Strawberry Picking, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Best Tofu in Kyoto before heading to Osaka!
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Had a day off from work today so went out to have yumcha with my mum and TonyLion! It has been forever since I last saw Tony so it was a good time to catch up before he leaves to New York and Sweden.
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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