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While heading to Kyoto station we actually missed our train to Osaka so we had to get new tickets for the next coming train. When we were waiting for our next train at Kyoto, Max decided to buy some waffles from Manneken. He came back with two different flavors in Strawberry Chocolate and Green Tea.
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Thinking he was going to have both to himself he could offer me some too so I took a few bites from both! They are so crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. The sweetness is does not go to the point of being sickly sweet which is why I simply enjoyed this small snack!
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Once we got to Osaka and we started following the instructions from our Airbnb host to find our accommodation, and we past by this huge fountain in the station/shopping area too! It became our landmark to find our accommodation every time we went out. Once we had ditched our luggage's into our room we headed off to see the streets nearby as we exhausted and hungry to go anywhere else. 
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Our accom. was located near the business districts so there were heaps of business women and men walking around. Not only that but there was heap of places with long curtain's in front of the entrance and I think those were actually cabaret or "host" places. At that moment I was thinking "good going...I picked the adult play area to stay in". Opps~ 
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Anyways once we found a restaurant we quickly placed our order and we were served our drinks first, along with the edamame beans. 

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Since it was a very cold chilly night we decided to order their pork offal with vegetable hot pot. The vegetables are super sweet and fresh and the offal pieces varied from bouncy to smooth in texture. It was a great way to end an adventurous day from Kyoto to Osaka, and kept it to a short and early night. 
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Woo! Almost done blogging about my Winter Japan trip from this year and in less than a months' time I'll be back in Japan to enjoy their summer wave!!
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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