Kyoto Tower & Arayashima Bamboo Forest (*´∀`*)

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The first day of Kyoto we walked past Kyoto tower which reminds me of our Sydney tower but much cooler because they have a public onsen in their's which you can use!! 
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As we walked towards Kyoto station I saw a heaps of technical stuff used in filming productions so I quickly glanced around to see which celebrity would be here and TADAH! Yusuke Yamamoto, was standing right in front of my eyes and I was so close to him as well! I'm not usually the type to fan girl over celeb's until I really saw one I guess!
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We headed to Kyoto station to get some breakfast, where I got lemon tea and toast with jam and butter. Once we finished our breakfast we headed off to our first tourist attraction which was Arayashima Bamboo Forest.
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We caught the train there and walked towards the forest but started on the other side, which was okay since we could take this time to walk around. It started to rain so our umbrella's were up to keep us dry. 
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As we slowly approached the bamboo forest we saw some bamboo's so  we took photo's with the scenery. 
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Once we hit the track for the bamboo forest it was just absolutely breath taking!! Everything was so peaceful and beautiful. 
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Cannot go without a #SELFIE!
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The best thing about this place was that you're bound to get thirsty so of course they have vending machines waiting for you! I got my winter favorite which is their corn soup!
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Since it was raining we decided to not go up the mountains to see the monkeys and headed back down towards Arayashima Station where there was a small shrine and train tracks too! 
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Just a candid shot of my on the train tracks which we literally risked our lives to do. These train tracks are in use so we had to quickly snap and get off before the trains come!
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That was the end of our morning in Arayashima where we spent a couple of hours enjoying nature before heading back to the JR station to our next location, Kinkakuji. 
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Today is quite chilly and gloomy making me feel like not leaving the house, but I do have work so I'm going to have to wrap myself up like a bun!!! 
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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