Strawberry Picking & Fushimi Inari Shrine (^・ω・^ )

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Our last day in Kyoto we had another bright and early start at 9am, as Ryota was on his way to pick us up to go All-You-Can-Eat Strawberry picking. It was on my "to do list" as I love Japan's sweet sweet juicy strawberries!! 
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We paid about $22 to eat for 1.5 hours and were give little bags to put the green  bits into and a little container of condense milk. 
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We went around picking strawberries that suited our liking! The best and healthiest breakfast to start the day!! 
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We did this for a good hour before deciding that we were full from our strawberry breakfast with condensed milk.
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Once we left the greenhouse we saw that they also sold already picked strawberries, jam and tomato juices!! 
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Next stop was to visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine where the pathway of Senbon Torii awaits us!! 
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Can you see the Kitsune (Fox) statue!
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UGH! It's just so beautiful!!! Rows and rows of tori gates!
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I just had to do the ninja run!!! Haha~ It worked out great cause of my awesome coat flying behind me!!
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According to my friend, Japanese businesses purchase a torii and donate it to the shrine. The Inari is the god of rice so I guess you could say to worship prosperity and growth.  
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Here are some fox enma's which are wooden plates which you can write down your wishes. It is believed that the Fox is regarded as the messenger to the gods for the Inari Shrine. 
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Another entrance to the top of the mountain which we didn't go up anymore since it started to drizzle so we made our way back to the entrance of the shrine instead. 
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We were getting a bit hungry when we came back from the shrine and we saw there was a few food stalls awaiting so we decided to get some takoyaki as a snack!!
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Whilst waiting for our food to be made, there was this cat with the most beautiful blue eyes on standby waiting for a chance to get some food. 
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Once we got our takoyaki's we had before we headed off onto our next food adventure!! 
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Today is a gloomy, rainy day so perfect for me to stay home and study for my exam which is coming up soon!! 
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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