Universal Studios Japan Osaka // MosBuger & Takoyaki o(^∀^*)o

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Our final day in Osaka, we started our morning with some waffle sandwiches which were amazing!! Then we headed off to Universal Studios in Osaka. 
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Along the way, just seeing the place reminded me of the time I came with my family and we stayed at the hotel right next to the theme park. Such a nostalgic feeling!
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Gotta pose in front of the rotating universal globe!! Just like I did 8 years ago~!
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I also saw some girls cosplaying as Levi Ackerman and Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titans so I asked if I could grab a photo with them. They kindly said yes!
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It was actually started to drizzle that day so we were not allowed to take a photo with the Titan, but I still took a snap of it anyways~
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Here is the other Attack on Titan figures and they are HUGE!!!! From here we went on a few rides such as the Terminator 3D ride, Spiderman Ride, Jurassic Park ride, JAWS ride and the Harry Potter Hippogrith Ride. Let the photo's do the talking 
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The weather was perfect to show off the true winter Hogsmede town of Harry Potter, as it made it seem mysterious and creepy!
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Got myself some hot butterbeer before heading off into the candy shop!
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I wasn't able to take much photo due to the weather and I was enjoying the attractions and rides but I cannot wait to come again during their summer season so I can enjoy all the attraction and rides that were closed off due to the weather. 
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As we left around 4pm, I finally saw MOSBURGER! so I had to go and get my share of what the rave was all about. I got the Roast Pork Burger which was only ¥360! The outside layer of the pork was super crunchy but juicy and tender on the inside. It went very well with the sauce and fresh vegetables too! Just describing the burger makes me drool for it again!
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Max, on the other hand, got some takoyaki, which is what Osaka is famous for! I really wanted to find the huge takoyaki's but I just have no recollection of where we got them when I went with my family. 
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It's been such great weather so far this week, sunny and bright! Hopefully it will be just as good once my exam is over and done with on Monday! Anyways going to have my late breakfast before I head off to work! 
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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  1. I'm so jelly, it looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  2. Had heaps of fun, got totally soaked cause of the rain and the jurassic ride! :P


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