Visiting Nara // Deer Park (*´∀`*)

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Our first official day in Osaka and we started off bright and early with breakfast in the station. I ordered a meat sauce with cheese doria along with lemon tea. It was simple yet good! 
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To start our adventure off we went to Nara which is about an hour away from Osaka via. the JR train. We knew we wanted to go see the deer's and feed them. When we got off the station the first deer-related thing was in sight! 
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While walking through the streets of Nara towards the Deer Park, we noticed this exciting and bustling shop which sold Yomogi Mochi which is a seasonal mochi for spring. 
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These mochi's are freshly made daily and how could I resist some deliciously made mochi! We bought some before finding the Deer Park. 
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Look how perfect this mochi looks! Just holding the mochi in my hands I could tell it was incredibly soft and bouncy!!!
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After taking a bite, I instantly fell in love with the texture and taste of this mochi! Super good stuff! I mean look at how far I can stretch this mochi!! It was absolutely amazing! If you're ever in Nara I highly recommend getting a few of these babies while you're on the way to the park. 
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We knew we had arrived at our destination when we say this sign pretty much everywhere. You can also find some grannies sitting around with a tin box filled with crackers which you can purchase to feed to the deer's. The crackers cost about ¥250. 
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As soon as I approached the granny to buy some crackers, the deer's knew it was feeding time and the quickly gathered. I slowly fed them until...
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I was getting attacked by their little greedy mouths!! Some even tried to put their mouths down my jackets' pockets (that's where I hid most of my crackers) or even nib on the end of my jacket. These guys are just too smart!! 
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Tried to find a lazy or disengaging deer to take a selfie with. These guys don't smell as bad as you think! 
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Look at how cute these greedy buggers are~ How could we ever blame you for nibbing onto our clothing's!
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Give me a kiss kiss little one! 
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Bye little cuties!!! No more crackers for you!! 
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Whilst walking back towards the station we saw some really big deer's sitting near a rock and these guys smelt so bad, compared to the ones at the park...No idea why~
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It was a really sunny and warm morning so we decided to go for a snack break at this Matcha cafe. We ordered one of their matcha pudding parfaits! 
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They of course have to incorporate a deer-shaped cookie into this parfait too. Can I just say that this parfait is simply amazing, everything is matcha flavored from pudding to whipped cream. The pudding was so soft and melts in your mouth, while the jelly bits were smooth and super flavorsome! The whipped cream on the top was not too heavy and was packed with the flavors of matcha. Matcha lovers this is for you!! You have to try the amazing parfaits here in Nara!!   
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You can also find these cute deer souvenirs to purchase too! Their super cute but you have to be careful as they are made of glass. We left Nara and went back towards Osaka, Shinsaibashi where we shopped till we dropped!!  
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Been studying everyday that I;m not working and almost finished with my notes. I did squeeze in some procrastination with movie times with the boyfriend and friends. On Saturday I went to watch "Inside Out" with the boyfriend and I really enjoyed the movie, it was cute and I loved how deep it actually is. Monday I watched the Minion movie and all I can say it's cute but not really worth paying I suppose.
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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