Mt Fuji // Konansou Ryokan Hotel (*^▽^*)

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Our next destination was to see Mt Fuji and stay at a ryokan hotel in Kawaguchiko. It was a peaceful journey but long journey as we headed back up north. Once we got off the station we had a view of Mt. Fuji but there was a large cloud covering the bottom half the whole time. 
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Max and I asked information on how to get to our ryokan and to our luck there was already a shuttle bus there. 
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We hopped onto the bus along with another pair of tourist towards our ryokan, Konnansou.
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As soon as we entered the building we were shown the beautiful lobby before being taken up into our room! 
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Our room had a lovely view of the lake and was incredible spacious. The lady informed us of the hot springs and asked what time we would like our dinner to arrive. We settled the dinner time for 6pm and it came swiftly on time. 
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With all the preparations, it looked like a grand feast for two, which I took photo's of each little dish! 
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Steamed mushroom crab meat 
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Grilled scallop & vegetables
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Thick sauce with Oyster- this dish easily won my heart and taste buds! 
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Fresh sashimi!
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Cold dishes (which I though was dessert!!)
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Cold side dish
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Pickled vegetables
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Thick sauce with scallop
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Simmered vegetables
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Steamed egg with seafood
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Citrus Yuzu juice- super delicious and refreshing! 
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The meal was super filling and thinking I already had dessert I could relax and go for a dip at the hot spring.
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Few moments later, the lady looking after our meals came back to collect the empty plates and served up dessert! My eye's opened as even though I was super full I couldn't let these desserts sit and go to waste. I quickly tasted each piece and they were all so lovely! 
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Once dessert was done, our lady helped us put on our yukata's. I had to take some candid shots with it before heading to the hot spring for relaxation. 
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After a nice long dip, I headed back to the room and a man came to help lay out our futon's for the night. He set them side by side but Max and I moved them to our own corners to enjoy our personal space and make us of the spacious room!
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Next morning came and I went for a super early morning dip in the hot spring at 6am. Since I was the only one there I took a shot of the outside hotspring. 
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I also had the most amazing view of Mt. Fuji when taking my morning dip! It was absolutely beautiful!!! 
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When I finished up at the hot spring, I went back to my room to get ready to head downstairs to the food hall room. Here there was ather huge feast for us. This time a mixture of western and japanese foods. 
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Nice hot & rich udon with vegetable in soup!
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Yogurt with blueberries
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The main!
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The sides
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The close up!
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I thoroughly enjoyed both meals!! Thankyou Konnansou Ryokan for having us and making everything so pleasant!! 
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It may be a far trip when travelling from Osaka back up towards Mt. Fuji but the long trip was worth it to have such and amazing view of Mt. Fuji and experience the banquet Japanese style dining. Loved the whole experience and people here! 
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Couple more days until Hong Kong & Japan! I apologize for not blogging as much as I have been working heaps these past few weeks!!
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Anyways leave your comments of what you'd love to see in the prizes from Japan, for the Japan giveaway!!

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